Tuesday, August 3, 2010

I Put My Hoof Down!

The male person harvested the rest of the beets from his garden and you know how generous he is about sharing his beet greens.
Well, this time I put my hoof down and made sure he gave some to my studmuffin.
The last time he forgot to share the bounty with my little Luke and I didn't think that was fair.

My little love deserves to have a treat now and then too!
So this time he got to munch some yummy beet greens with the rest of us.

As you can see he really enjoyed himself.

We goats lose our dignity pretty quickly when it comes to eating things from the garden.

He is a handsome goat! Just look at those horns!
But you can't have him!
He's mine.

erm, sorry. I got a little off track there.
Luke was given a nice little pile of greens to eat.

The publicist couldn't help herself from taking a silly photo.

Silly publicist!


  1. How generous of you Pricilla to insist that gorgeous Luke get some greens too! I think I would have eaten them all myself (burp). I must say Luke is a very handsome goat!

  2. Don't worry Pricilla,your Luke is handsome no matter how silly the picture! Our goatie have been getting lots of treats from the garden too..all the plants that are done producing.

  3. Luke is a fine looking fellow for sure! I can see why your so head over heels for him!

    Looks like he really enjoyed those beet greens.

  4. Love those beet greens. Glad that Luke got some too.

  5. The horns make the man ... regardless of the beet greens hanging from his mouth.

  6. Us hoof-putting-down girls, Unite!!!
    Good to be back in town and catching up with everyone!

  7. That was nice of you to make sure your studmuffin got some beet greens Pricilla! Luke is very handsome even in the silly photo the publicist took.

  8. Your studmuffin is a very lucky studmuffin, that is for sure... especially, when sharing beet greens... and, those horns, or what can I say? They are gorgeous...

    Twitter: SolarChief

  9. What a thoughtful lady you are Pricilla. Luke is very handsome. Of course, I have "Lady and the Tramp" visions of the two of you sharing your beet greens and meeting in the middle. How sweet.

  10. Luke enjoys those greens so much! How could the male human ever forget to give him some?

  11. It is so nice Pricilla thinks of her studmuffin even with her mouth full! lol..
    Luke is one lucky fellow.
    Have a great day.

  12. The stud muffin is very handsome. Those horns are magnificent. Not to worry, we will let him keep his horns. Glad he got some beets too. Nice of you to make sure Pricilla. All of you have a super day.

  13. While Luke is a fine looking fellow, I am not sure that he deserves you. You seem to be so solicitous of him. I hope he appreciates you as much as the beet greens.


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