Saturday, August 28, 2010

Did Someone Say Apples?

Oh it's that time of year!
Apple season.
I love apple season even more than I love carrot top season.

Apples are my favorite treat.
mmmm, apples!

The publicist was lucky at a yard sale and got herself an apple press.
She made some apple cider and after she was done she was left with this...

Lots of apple pieces.
She wasn't going to let all of those apple pieces go into the mulch, at least not directly. 
heh heh
Oh, no! 
She was going to give us goats a treat!

First she gave some to my studmuffin.

He really dug in and lapped those apple pieces up, didn't he?

Luke, oh Luke?

I guess he is too busy enjoying his treat.

Or wearing it.
Silly Luke!

Matthew enjoyed the apple bits as well. 

In fact, he wouldn't let anyone else up on the spools to share.
Mean Matthew!

Mallory was just as greedy.

You can see her hairs are all ruffed up - she is spoiling for an apple fight!
She even had a showdown with a chicken.

That's when Abby snuck in and got some.

Lucky Abby!

I think the publicist needs to give us seperate piles of apple bits like she did the carrot tops. I am going to maaaaaa to her about this.

What do you think?


  1. I certainly think everyone should have their own pile. I hope you at least got a little bite.

  2. I love apples too. If you eat one every day, they say it will keep the doctor away.

  3. You would think your publicist would know by now that you need separate piles... by all means, alert her to this oversight!... look forward to your next visit

  4. I can certainly understand why everyone got so territorial. Those apple pieces look delicious! Well, for a goat. I personally don't like any part of the apple. You can have all of mine.

  5. We kitties get our treats separately, and I think it should be the same for you goats.

  6. Agreed. Pimp and Moo need their own little treat piles, or else Pimp hogs them all.

    I suspect at least one of you is a hog... Hehe. I'll sign the Separate Piles Petition for you. :)

  7. yummy apples! we get pears here the lady rancher cannot eat apples so we are growing pears! ok we are trying to. one tree did produce this year and Cubey got some of those!

  8. oh, we don't have apples growing here, too hot. Just a few little bitty trees with tart little apples... If we want real apples we have to go up north to buy cider is the best!!!


Maaaaaa away....


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