Thursday, August 12, 2010


The publicist has told me to show you another video.
I am not happy about this.
You are going to think I am a lazy goat.

It is all the publicist's fault. She is busy so I cannot have much time at the computer.
She is mumbling things about processing snow peas, beans,zucchini, beets and broccoli.
Making cheese, ice cream, caramel and zucchini bread.
(I cannot repeat the things she says about the zucchini!)

So she is busy and I cannot blog like I want to.
I am sorry.

I told her that we goats could solve ALL her problems.
That's right!
Just give US all the vegetables and we will take care of them for her.

She did not appreciate this suggestion.
So I give you a video of little Marion grazing.
I am sorry.

Tomorrow is AbbyDay.
Anything can happen.....

We did get some brussels sprouts leaves so the day was not a total loss.
I think you will get to read about that on Saturday.


  1. I agree Pricilla! Open the gate and let all you goaties and also the chickens into the garden and busy problem is solved! Yummy too! Tee hee hee

  2. I did offer you my globe thistles yesterday.. but you didn't tell me if you wanted them?

    I have lots of yummy weeds you can have too... but you have to come visit to get them!

  3. I love the part where Marion was goatie-goat leaping through the grass!

  4. I have noticed that about you goaties-after processing vegetables and fruit I bring out the scraps and everyone waits. They all want the"the good stuff", straight out of the garden, not the ends and rejects.

  5. I know this is a busy time of year for the publicist and sometimes that means less time to blog. Of course, giving you all the veggies would definitely solve all the problems but them the publicist and male person might get hungry during the long cold winter.

  6. hahaha! GIve those goats the attention they deserve! ;]


  7. Sounds like the publicist is very busy but at least you get to enjoy some of the crop too! The video was cute - it doesn't take long for Marion to get from one place to another does it?

  8. She just flounced through the tall grasses. Love it!

  9. Can't you keep that Marion under control!!??

  10. That would be so nice to get all those veggies!

  11. I am pretty sure you goaties are getting your share of those yummy veggies from the garden :O)...

  12. Veggies, grain, feh! You goats and humans! Give me a nice, dead rat any day.

  13. Marion, it seems you almost got in trouble. We thought you might be going to get into the garden. Well at least you are getting some of the crop from the garden and I bet you get a lot more before it is all over.
    Have a great week end all you goaties.


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