Friday, August 20, 2010

AbbyDay - Pfffft! To Marion the Goat

You heard me!
I am the expert hay eater around this Farm.
I have been here longer and I have hay eatin' style!

I line myself up with that hay feeder and 

I dig in!

I know where to find the tastiest bits of hay dust.
'Cause we all know that hay dust is THE best part of the hay.
And I can find it on BOTH sides of the hay feeder.

It also makes a strong fashion statement.

Marion also has nothing on the goat stare of death.

So leave me alone so I can eat my hay in peace.

Nom, nom, nom...

I hope you all have a very nice day.
I will because I am full of hay.

Heh - I am now a PoetGoatAbby.


  1. that could be an extremely good luke for attracting luke. not that you need it!

  2. Abby-Marion raining on your parade much?

  3. Abby, Marion could only wish to be as good a hay eater as you! You are the best!

  4. Humph, sounds like someone can't be jealous without showing it... and that tummy says you get all the hay and grain you want... I am not afraid of your death stare, so pfffft to you, missy... but, of course, come visit when you can...

    Twitter: SolarChief

  5. You certainly are good at getting into that hay dust! I so wish I could join you. Your stare of death is also excellent! Your daughter has a way to go.

  6. Abby, you sure are the best hay eater of all and we can tell that by your great fashion statement. Have a great day.

  7. You really *do* work that hay dust toupee. Our compliments :)


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