Friday, August 6, 2010

AbbyDay: I Know How to Look Cool in the Heat

I know how to be a cool goat on a hot day!
I am not like the other animals around this Farm.
Oh no!
You will not see ME hiding under the male person's truck

I am much too dignified to try and think that is "cool."

No, I am a goat that revels in my Nigerian roots.
You won't see me hiding in the shade with the chickens.

Pfffft! The company some goats keep around this place.
Or just lying in the shade, deflated.

Not me!
I am a queenly goat.

I look regal in the sun. 
My fur shines!
I glow!

I am AbbyGoat!

Even the Farm cats were lacking dignity...just look at Pumpkin.

Hiding under the trailer looking all messy.

And Stinky was just all stretched out.
What are these cats thinking?
They need to be more like me!



  1. Well I do have to admit that you are the perfect colour! And you do look very elegant lying on the dirt... Do you think your spokesperson might get you a nice purple blanket to lie on.... Royal purple....

  2. Oh yes,you do look quiet royal and dignified!

  3. I'm guessing it was really hot by you, eh? Just don't get overheated, pally. A sweating gal isn't pretty.

  4. Silly Abby! Queen amongst the chickens!

  5. Your fur shines beautifully but you are making me hot. I hope you have a pool you can wade in.

  6. Abby, I think you are just a tiny bit of a diva.

    Hey, it takes one to know one!

  7. soak up the sun while you can abby!!! cool weather is on the way!

  8. You look very regal laying out in the sunshine Abby! The others are just wimps!

  9. Ive had my moments where I want to lay under the car too. And it isn't always due to the heat! hahah

  10. I'm so glad someone enjoys the heat. It does make your fur almost glow. Have a perfect weekend, Abby.

  11. Oh Abby, you are so funny! Your Majesty!
    Best wishes,

  12. A Diva does what a Diva has to do; it's that simple... I love the spotlight and the sun keeps me on center stage... it is what it is...

    Twitter: SolarChief

  13. Queen Abbey, you do look just gorgeous lying out there in the sun but I hope your coat doesn't bleach. You have such a pretty goat that is for sure. Have a great week end.


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