Thursday, July 15, 2010

Silly Lew! He Thinks He's a Big Boy

I haven't shown you a movie for a while so I thought it was time.
This movie will show you what I have to put up with around this Farm!
Little Lew seems to forget he is just a kid.
He seems to forget he has been, erm fixed.

He has been making advances!
That is right!
He is flirting with me.

My studmuffin isn't happy. You can hear him in the background.

Can you believe this silly kid?
I cannot.
You can tell by the look on my face.
I tried to let him down easy but he just look shocked.

Silly Lew!

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Tomorrow: It's AbbyDay


  1. Tee hee hee! I think Lew needs to wait to flirt at least until his voice changes! hee hee!

  2. Oh Lew, you silly billy! Your little voice made me giggle.

  3. adolescents! he'll figure it out sooner or later!

  4. Oh, that singing is sweet though. :) I love how he stands there, very confused on why you would leave! He's like "whatever" and walks away. Too funny!

  5. he has gotten huge!
    what is it with baby goats not even a month old trying to...flirt? And that's putting it in G-rated terms.

  6. I guess Lew thinks that tricks are for kids.

  7. What a riot, and Lew's little voice LOL... to cute :O)

  8. have me laughing!

  9. What a little gigolo! I'm not sure I could resist him -- those ears are too cute!

  10. I couldn't hear anyone's voice because there is an air compressor outside my window. It was a cute video and even without hearing it I could certainly see what was going on. Silly little Lew.

  11. I loved how you were looking towards the camera and giving the goat version of airplane ears, Pricilla! That Lew really is a silly kid!

  12. Lew is so cute but he needs to grow up quite a bit and get a much deeper voice before flirting with the ladies!

  13. Lew, it's just not quite your time yet!

  14. Kids these days. You were very nice about letting him down gently.

  15. Lew you are very silly, Too cute trying to act like the big man of the farm. Good thing the real guy couldn't get to you. That was cute though.
    Have a great week end.


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