Saturday, July 24, 2010

Poor Luke

We does have been given several important jobs to do.
The male person knows we are up to the task.
He know we will get the work done!

But poor Luke the goat has not been given and jobs to do.
He just stays in his pen all day day long.
He sees us out doing our work and this is what he says to us.

Can you believe it?!
I don't think that is a very nice thing for him to be doing.
Do you?

How would you like it if you walked by the love of YOUR life and he presented you with this face?

I think Luke the goat needs an attitude adjustment.

I will be telling you about our jobs in the next few posts. We are helping the male person clean up the yard to keep it Fire Safe.

Plus, I will be a ReviewGoat again with a special giveaway for you!


  1. at least luke doesn't hold his emotions in!

  2. Tell Luke if he keeps his tongue sticking out like that, it will stay that way forever!

  3. He looks pretty silly. Maybe you should learn how to give him raspberries back.

  4. That Luke is pretty cute! I need to add him to my list of heart throbs! hee hee

  5. Luke is very silly! Good thing he's so handsome!

  6. I think Luke has his tongue hanging out drooling over all you does is what is going on! Take it as a compliment from the big fellow :O)...

  7. I think Luke has a cute little tongue.

  8. Boys just can't handle the fact that women can get more done then them!

  9. I can't fault him for his honesty. :)

  10. Luke, don't let them pick on you like that. We know you are sick of being in that pen all the time. But you do have an important job there at the farm, so they shouldn't pick on you if you feel like giving them the face.
    Have a great day.


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