Thursday, July 1, 2010

More Fun in the Wood Pile

You will recall that the male person bought us a pile of wood of play in.
Well, he piled that wood up!
I don't know why he did that. Silly male person.
It makes it harder for us to eat it.

It didn't stop Matthew and Timmy though....

Matthew is a baaaaad boy!


  1. i guess matthew showed timmy who the goat wall of china belongs to!

  2. Timmy is getting big!! Naughty Matthew! Just wait until Timmy is full grown!

  3. They are so cute. As I was watching Timmy, he definitely looked like he was the master of everything he could see from up there. Maybe Matthew decided he wanted to be master.

  4. I can't believe how big Matthew is! He did a little bullying with Timmy. Not so nice.

  5. So is the wood for your new wood stove... or is it for the goats to play on? Will they actually let you take 'logs' away?

  6. That woodpile looks like great goat fun! You should tell Matthew not to be selfish and share. Cute boys, both of them though!

  7. ah don't know about the big green egg. google it and check it out when you have time. it is big in the south and one of the best investments i ever made. it is basically a ceramic enameled outdoor oven. they are great!

  8. The best toys are the homemade ones,lol!


Maaaaaa away....


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