Monday, July 5, 2010

Lock Up! Happy Goats Farm

Matthew is a very baaaaad goat.
He does not listen to the publicist!
So because of that he has to be put into solitary confinement until he learns.

He does not like this.
But we all have been through this.
Even me, I am ashamed to say.

Matthew keeps trying to eat too much grain.
As you all know too much grain is not good for a goat.
So the publicist is only trying to help Matthew - even if he doesn't understand that.

You can see he is trying his best looks out on her.
But she is going to make sure he learns his lesson.
She does not want anything to happen to him.

So until he pays attention to her...

This is where he will be - Lock up!
Happy Goats Farm.

I hope all of my readers in the US had a very nice 4th of July.
While I understand the barbeques and the parties I will never understand the fireworks.
Ooooh, does all that noise scare this old goat!


  1. I like to eat too much grain too so I can sympathise with Matthew! Look at that innocent face! hee hee. My lady is very mean. She doles out the grain in little eeensy meensy portions and keeps us locked in until the horses are finished with their gigantic meals so that we can't sample their food! Terrible!

  2. tough parenting is well,...tough. but bloat is a very bad thing so matthew is safe in lock up. i HATE fireworks too. this city has fireworks on almost a daily basis. they set them off for everything all year long sometimes even during the day. ugh! glad to have the 4th behind me.

  3. Goatie tummy aches are no fun! It is for the best!

  4. Matthew, it hurts your publicist more than it hurts you... and (favorite saying) it's for your own good... hope you all had a great holiday or a weekend of creating great memories -- except, of course, Matthew, who is probably not thinking kindly of anyone, right now...

    Twitter: SolarChief

  5. The lure of the grain is just too much. Poor Matthew. *sigh* I like chocolate but luckily it wont kill me.

  6. Our goat Peepers does not like to eat grain. That is why I was asking what that kind of grain is that your goats get to eat unless they eat too much.
    Too much grain would be really bad for you Matthew.
    Have a great week.

  7. I'm glad the publicist is staying strong with Matthew, because those are some pretty good looks he is giving her!

    Fortunately for me, there is no limit on catnip!

  8. I'm not a big fan of the fireworks either!
    I have a cat I should lock up. She is overly fond of the cat food bowl:)

  9. Definitely not good to eat too much. Hopefully, he'll quit staring at the publicist and listen to her very soon.

  10. Matthew needs to learn when enough is enough.

    I have to say, we visited a farm this weekend and I tried to take a couple of goat pictures. The publicist has some amazing skills.

  11. After witnessing another toddler meltdown tonight, I feel better knowing that there are others misbehaving in the world. Be firm. It's for his own good (yes, I'm saying that to myself as well).

  12. Hopefully Matthew learns his lesson after being in lock up and doesn't eat too much grain again.

  13. Uh oh! In the slammer, pally?? Yikes. Looks like a mean sheriff is in town.

  14. Awww, who knew a goat could make sad puppy dog eyes?


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