Friday, July 2, 2010

AbbyDay - I Stealth Graze the Best

That Pricilla!
She seems to think she is the best at everything.
She's a SpokesGoat.
She's a ReviewGoat.

Well, I am ABBYGOAT!
No one else can be AbbyGoat better than I can!

I went out for a graze yesterday and I decided to show that I can stealth graze better than
old Pricilla.

My form is exquisite! My black fur looks beautiful against the green grass.

In fact I am so good that sometimes you cannot even see me!

Here I am!
Munching my delicious grass.

So what do YOU think?
Am I better than Pricilla?


  1. you are quite stealth and will certainly give Pricilla a run for her money. lol.

  2. Yep! Very Stealthy!!!! Yummy grass toooooo.

  3. Girls, girls. Why can't you just get along? All this competition. You are BOTH the best.
    Two queens, no?

  4. You're putting us in a awkward position, asking us to decide who is best. I'd have to say it's a tie!

  5. Of course you are better than Pricilla, Abby! Who could ever think otherwise . . .

    cough cough something is itching in my thought.

  6. I think you are both good at what you do!! Everyone has their own talents! :O)

  7. You are a most able stealth grazer Abbygoat . . . our goats out here in Texas are jealous that you have such delicious tall green grass.

  8. You are much better at being AbbyGoat than Pricilla is! How's that for being politically correct?

  9. Oh, no, I'm not taking sides!! You are both my favorite. :)

  10. You are the very best Abby Goat and an excellent stealth browser.

  11. We aren't going to take sides either. You are both super goats in your own little ways and we love you the best. Except for those little boy kids and the girl kid, now they are the best.
    Have a great week end.


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