Friday, July 30, 2010

AbbyDay - I Get to Say MY Goodbyes to My Boys

So they are gone.
I only had them with me for two months.
They were a pain and a joy all at once.

It is good they have a nice new Farm.
Oh, how I cried the day after they left.
The publicist was so nice to me.

I am better now.
But I will show you my favorite photos and then we will move on.

They were so cute when they were born, my Timmy and my Lew!

They turned into fine hoppers!

They loved to explore the Farm.

They loved spending time with me and I taught them well.

This is why I know they will be fine.
Goodbye my kids!
I love you.


  1. That was a very nice tribute to your little boys, Abby! I think we will all miss their antics...well...maybe not your Luke!

  2. Goodbye Timmy,
    Goodbye Lew,
    We are going to miss you two.

  3. Looks like a bittersweet parting. I have a feeling they will do very well at their new home.

  4. Very special boys... but the kids grow up.. it's all good, Abby

  5. We are really going to miss those two boys. Love the hopping picture. Abby you just have to have some more.
    Have a great week end.

  6. Ohhhh. I'm so sorry, Abby. But I know your sweet goatlings will be fine, thanks to the great start in life that you gave them.

    And you will be fine too.

  7. Its nice they got to move together :O) to their new home :O).

  8. I hope they didn't see you run back to the hay pile and claim it all for yourself... parting is such sweet sorrow but let's get real, they were starting to step on my last nerve...

    Twitter: SolarChief

  9. ugh...i always hate this part. good thing i only experience it from a difference. if i was there i would be dragged down the driveway behind the truck. i get attached so easily!

  10. Aw they are so cute. I bet they will be missed a lot.
    Thanks for stopping by my blog and wishing Duke a happy birthday

  11. Your kids are so cute Abby and we'll miss them too! We're glad they are together and on a nice farm though.

  12. Booo, hooo, hooo!! :( Ahhh, boo, hooo hoo. Why can't we keep them!?

  13. I know it's hard, but yes, they will be fine in their new home.

  14. Aw! Abby, your post made me feel just a little bit sad.


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