Friday, July 16, 2010

AbbyDay - I am the Queen of the Spinach

I am sure you were all mildly amused by Pricilla's silly song on Monday about our spinach treat.
I take my spinach eating very seriously.
After all, the male person works hard in his garden so I think the least we can do is eat every last bit of treat we get.

I showed my two boys the best way to dig in and find the tastiest morsels. Little Marion looked on as well.

Mmmm, I am, of course and expert eater. You can tell by my shiny coat.
I really know how to enjoy a special treat when it is given to me. Even if my kid tries to steal it from me!

Thanks, male person! We enjoyed the fruits, erm vegetables of your gardening.

Oh, and erm, publicist. Thanks to you too.


  1. Watch out Abby! I think I see chickens creeping up to you to steal your spinach!

  2. you may all start sprouting popeye muscles after eating all of that spinach!

  3. Spinach--so good and so good for you.

  4. Hey, Spinach Queen- looks yummy. I was Potato Queen one day long ago.

  5. You are the Queen of Spinach Abby and even the green looks very pretty with your shiny black furs!

  6. Glad everyone is enjoying that wonderful Spinach. Our Mom is very jealous cause she wants some fresh spinach. But she is thrilled that the goats get some. Our goat would faint if she saw fresh spinach.
    Have a great week end.

  7. You're getting a rather large flock of black goats... think you need to find black chickens... the would look more artistic with the black goats!


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