Friday, July 9, 2010

AbbyDay - Abby Brings You a Public Service Announcement

It's AbbyDay!
My favorite day of the week.
You know I usually spend today talking about, well ME!
But today I am going to be a Public Service Goat and bring you a special announcement.

I know!
This is not like me at all, but sometimes a goat has to be civic minded.

It is coming to the crazy days of summer where everyone is running around trying to do everything while they have time.

Well I am here to tell you to slow down...

...and eat smell the flowers!

All of us here on the Farm do this!
Sarah does.

Mallory does.

Matthew does.

Yes, even Matthew!

So take it from me, AbbyGoat - be easy, be free.

Have a good munch sniff of some pretty flowers today!

I hope you appreciate this Public Service Announcement from AbbyGoat on AbbyDay!


  1. hi abby...thanks for the good advice! it's too hot here to go out and munch the flowers!

  2. You all look happy and content those flowers!

  3. Abby, you do look like you have been...smelling...those flowers quite often. A nice round goat.
    I can't get my new momma Pebbles to fatten back up like she should. I don't like skinny animals.

  4. That's good advice. I'm going to try to follow it to the best of my limited ability.

  5. I was out pulling weeds today... too bad you guys aren't here to eat them! Why don't deer eat weeds?

  6. Abby, that is very good advice! We'll be sure to follow it! Enjoy your AbbyDay!

  7. Great advice from a very wise goat!

  8. What lovely, shiney coats you all have. Since I'm white I blind everyone with my brilliance but I've noticed that my mom has a nice black coat dotted with brown speckles and she shines too. I'm always encouraging my lady to eat the flowers too! Good advice Abby!

  9. That is fantastic advice and we should all take it to heart. We need to relax and ummm smell the flowers.

  10. I tried some flowers the other day, too, Priscilla. They were pods from the Vetch. But then I learned that humans shouldn't eat very many because they have cyanide. Goats can eat as many as they like because you have more stomachs. Lucky you.

  11. very good advice! You guys all look so very healthy so obviously your right about this!

  12. I’d love to, but it’s so hot out all my flowers have wilted. Crunchy flowers sound way more appealing.

  13. What excellent advice! I love to munch flowers, too.

  14. Abby, I won't have any problem following your advice. In fact, I'd probably munch on a flower or two myself, if I had the chance.

  15. Thank you for the advice, Abby, but I think I'll stuff my squash flowers, first, rather than munch them off the bush... I hope you don't mind... don't want a bee up my nose!... thanks for the round-about reminder, though...

    Twitter: SolarChief

  16. Good message, goat friends! Happy weekend! :)

  17. Oh what a nice meal of flowers! I think you are totally right about slow time down. It's been a whirl lately.

  18. That is a super idea but we don't have any flowers to smell right now because they are all dried up since we haven't had any rain. But there is nothing better than to slow down and smell the roses unless you are a goat and eat the roses.
    Have a great week end.


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