Thursday, June 17, 2010

The Twins Discover the Wood Pile

The twins have been going out and about more and more as they grow bigger.
It was inevitable that they would discover the wood pile!
You know how much we all love the wood pile.
It's full of logs to leap on and bark to munch.
One of my favorite places.

So I give you a Happy Goats Movie of Timmy and Lew hopping, leaping and yes going splat on the wood pile.

I hope you enjoyed the movie.
I know I did. It is always fun to watch the new kids play.

There is also a new animal on the Farm.
The publicist has a new kitten in spite of swearing to never have a kitten again!
I will show you the new kitten soon but you can read about it HERE on the publicist's blog if you want to see it now.

Tomorrow:  AbbyDay returns!


  1. That was a fun way to start my day. They are the cutest little guys - love the bonk-splat action too. How do they hop from piece to piece like that - so much agility!

  2. what a good way to start my morning. they are too cute!

  3. Yeah, what Lulu said.

    Those little ones are just so darn cute! How do you get anything done around there?? I'd be just hanging with the twins and laughing all day.

  4. Gosh those baby goats are funny. That was a great video. They have such a good time.
    We went to see the new kitten too and it is so cute. I am horrible with names, so better not give any suggestions.
    Have a very fine day.

  5. That made me giggle out loud! Animals have my heart.... thanks for sharing.

  6. What fun! Just can't get enough of those cute little goaties!

  7. I already spotted the kitten earlier this morning on the other blog. My in laws' cat just had 4 pure white babies and they are trying to get me to "reserve" one of them...I don't think I am ready for a new kitten yet.
    Wood piles are the best!!! Tardy discovered ours and somehow a flat board was propped on it, so he has been climbing to the top and sliding down all day long. Keeps him entertained.

  8. Absolutely adorable! They're pretty good at navigating that uneven wood pile.

  9. They just have heaps of energy and seem to be having the best time out there!

  10. Those little babies are just too cute! I think I'd like to play in the wood pile with them!

  11. Well, for the first 5 seconds I was thinking about how graceful they were...

    Of course, I'm really excited about the new kitten!

  12. For some reason the video has a big Q with a question mark in the middle of it so we can't see it. :(

    We're very excited for the new kitten though!


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