Saturday, June 5, 2010

The SUN Came Out!

Springtime is not a very nice time around these parts.
It rains.
A lot.

It is grey and cloudy
A lot.
So when the sun came out the other day we goats were very happy!

What did we do?
We basked.
We love to bask in the sun.

My studmuffin basked on his spool.

Doesn't he look handsome?

Little Lew is learning to bask from his nanny.
They basked together.

But a little later Lew was basking alone.
He is a cutie pie!

Sarah and Nora are never far apart.

Abby kept watch over little Timmy.

He has some basking style, doesn't he?

Mallory and Matthew basked too but every time the publicist came out to get their photo they jumped up to see if she had any treats to give them so there are no photos.

And I basked in my favorite spot by the goat house.

I highly recommend that everyone basks in the sun now and then.
It is good for the soul.

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  1. Those are such good pictures. Our goat here loves to bask in the sun too. We have to say, that we are in love with Little Timmy. Lew is cute too though. What fun to have little baby goats.
    Have a great week end.

  2. You are very smart to bask with that wall behind you Pricilla! That way you get double the heat! ahhhhh!

  3. that's a lot of basking going on there! teddy is very into basking too.

  4. You gaoties have that basking thing down ! Some of us humans like to do the same thing! Although, it is getting too hot down here in Texas we are looking for shade!

  5. You are all excellent baskers. It is pouring rain here, and I don't bask in the rain. Goat kisses from Lucky Nickel.

  6. Timmy always looks like he has a little smile on his adorable face!

  7. I love basking in the sun too. My insane human, on the other hand, hates it! In fact, she won't even go outside without putting sunscreen all over herself. She says that is why she looks so good for her age. And she is older than the oldest cat who ever lived, so maybe she's got a point.

  8. Your weather sounds a lot like our weather and we finally got sun yesterday and today too after weeks of gray and rain. We all basked in the sun too!

  9. Doesn't the warm sun feel good?? I'll bet everyone was enjoying it after all that rainy weather. We are getting it now--Ugh.

  10. We had to bask between morning and evening rain today. That means basking in mud. Yuck. Your studmuffin is very handsome for a little guy.

  11. A very important lesson for new goats is how to bask properly. You are excellent students and will enjoy a long life of happy basking...I love to bask, too...


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