Saturday, June 12, 2010

A Sharp Parter

Matthew the goat is growing up.
He is not the little kid on the Farm any longer.

He will soon be a year old!
Can you believe it?!

His horns are growing and his hair is starting to show some style;
it's parting down the middle!

Isn't that something?
He likes to show off for the camera.
He THINKS he's going to be the next Farm studmuffin.

Erm, THAT'S not going to happen. As we all know Matthew is a wether.
But it doesn't stop him from flirting.

Silly Matthew!


  1. I like his golden eyes and the thoughtful hay chaff decoration between them! Very decorative!

  2. Matthew is beautiful. Don't you dare give him the bad news...he can still prance like a studmuffin...hugs for Matthew...

  3. Even if he's not a manly man, he can still act like one. ;)

  4. Was he just giving me "the eye"? I think I am falling under his spell....

  5. what a cutie and he sure isn't camera shy!

  6. Oh Matthew, you are one handsome dude. Those horns are looking good. Have a great week end.

  7. There is an award for you at Butts and Ashes!

  8. Oh, too bad he is a wether because he is quite handsome! Although I think a purple collar like mine would be better. Then he would look like royalty.

  9. I like his cute little part. I wonder if he has any idea that he won't be giving Luke a run for his money.

  10. Matthew is turning into a handsome mangoat even if he is a wether!

  11. His hair style is certainly stylin'. I can't believe he is a year old.


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