Friday, June 4, 2010

Prince of the Milking Stand

When the twins first started exploring their world one of the first things they saw was the milking stand.
It must have looked HUGE to them.

Of course they just had to climb it!
What self respecting little goat could resist climbing well, anything?

Little Timmy was the first one to explore the milking stand.

But little Lew was not too far behind.

They had so much fun going up and down and up and down again.

But then Timmy decided he should be Prince of the milking stand and he started a duel!
He butt his little brother off of the stand!

Can you imagine such a thing?
So you see this behavior starts very, very early with us goats!

After the big duel they settled down to be....

....sleeping cuties.


  1. if i lived with you guys i would feed you carrots and celery and play with you all day! my vegetable bin would be empty!

  2. What high adventure those kids have. Today, I have an award for you on Secondary Roads. Please stop by.

  3. What little cuties... Does lew have a speak of white or is that just a weird reflection?

  4. Such a fun time for the kids :O)... Your Lew looks like our Oopsie, She has the black body and the white ears too :O)..

  5. awww, my dose of cuteness for the weekend.

  6. They are so cute when they are twins because they have a partner in crime!

  7. I want one -- no, I want them both-- they are too cute!

  8. Gosh, those baby goats are the best. It must be such fun to watch them running up and down that ramp and then having their first butting game. I am really enjoying this blog.
    Have a great week end.

  9. Just like kittens where everything is a game followed by a nap! They are just so cute!

  10. Do you get anything done around there with those two always doing such cute things??? Criminy, I'd be watching them and laughing all day!

  11. What wonderfully typical goaty behavior. As long as they can curl up and sleep sweetly together it's all okay.

  12. Oh, they are just being typical brothers, fooling around where they probably shouldn't and getting into squabbles.

    I wish these baby goats would hurry and grow up - they are turning my human into some weird squealing creature!

  13. I'm just gonna die from their cuteness. I will never get over Little Timmy's colors!

  14. So so sooooo cute!! But whenever I think I might like to live on a farm, I remember how hard the Publicist works and I thank heaven for my little piece of suburbia.

    The Publicist is a better woman than I!


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