Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Not So Wordless Wednesday

The publicist let Luke the goat out for a graze and guess where he went?

 That's right!
He went over by the doe pen.
I think he was trying to see his kids!

He did stop and have a bit of a munch at the same time.

I don't blame him. The grass is mighty tasty right now.

I think he was asking the publicist to let him into our pen.
But she knows better.

Then he gave her his mad face.
But it's hard not to laugh at his mad face...
Even though I am still mad at him, I still love my little studmuffin.


  1. I love that mad face! hee hee! Luke is very, very cute!!!

  2. Those are really great photos! You have BEAUTIFUL critters!

  3. I love posts about Luke! :D

    This might be a really silly question, but I was wondering how Luke would react to the kids if he were to see them?

  4. Is that really his "mad" face or is it just his look to impress you??? You know, some guys just like to look "tough". :)

  5. Probably just checking to make sure he was still top goat. Needed to impress the young'uns. It's going to be interesting at your place in another seven months!

  6. I guess he was checking out his works of art. Can you blame him, those babies are purty!!!

  7. Mad face is quite adorable. Bet he wouldn't like to hear that though. Great shots!

  8. What a cutey that studmuffin is of yours!!

  9. Aw! Luke's "mad" face is adorable.

    Sorry, Luke. We can't always get what we want. At least you got some tasty grass.

  10. i too am wondering how luke would respond to the kids?

  11. Me too, me too.

    He is adorable even if he is mad. He kind of has that 'bad boy' look to him. Which is probably why you love him so much.

  12. Tee hee hee this post was so so funny! Your goat is too cute!


    Meet Virginia!
    Meet Virginia!!
    Meet Virginia!!!

  13. Luke is going to have to work on his mad face. It's not very maddening at all... in fact, it's downright cute.

  14. Luke knows he's a studmuffin doesn't he? He just can't help but be studly!

  15. Oh, Luke! That boy is hot stuff and he knows it.


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