Thursday, June 10, 2010

My Time with My Grandkids

In spite of what some might think I like to play with my grandkids.
They come up to me all the time and we sit and maaaaa and I tell them the important things they need to know to grow up to be strong and smart.

The other day we were heading out for a graze and the twins were play butting with me.

Then little Lew took off running!

Isn't he fast?

Little Timmy stayed and played a bit longer.

But then he took off running!

Boy those kids like to run!

They are silly and think that they can chase me. ME!

They can be frustrating!

But I love them!

They are my grandkids!

Tomorrow:  RUN!!!!


  1. You are a good Grandnanna! Silly kids! They sure are cute though!

  2. All kids love their gramma!

  3. What wonderful family photos! You have cute cute cute grand-kids!

  4. Oh they are just the cutest little kids! I'd love grand kids like that too. :)

  5. those kids sure can run! they are so cute!

  6. They move like lightning! Wow!

  7. what wunnerful running shots. you makes a good grammie, Priscilla.

  8. You are a great Grandma Pricilla! Those little kids sure know how to fly!

  9. Dear Pricilla,
    You are a wonderful grandma! Your grandkids are just adorable!

    I hope you don't mind, I have mentioned you and your soap (and linked too you) on my blog post. Please take a look when you get the time.
    Best wishes,

    Anna's U-words

  10. That is so sweet, seeing you play with your grandkids and impart sage goat wisdom to them!

  11. I agree Pricilla that we wise Grandnannies must teach the kids how to be good goaties. The publicist takes wonderful family photos.


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