Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Marion the Goat Debuts as a Movie Star

It had to to happen.
After all, we haven't had a Movie Day around here in a while.

Mallory had little Marion out for a bit and the publicist was taking some video. You can see how protective a nanny Mallory is  - she is even a bit of a stage nanny!

I am sure that Marion is destined to be a star!
She is a natural on camera.
Mallory just wanted to eat the camera.....

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  1. I like to hear their voices! Funny Timmy and Lew zooming around in the background.

  2. I really don't know how the publicist and her husband make it with all these movie stars running around the Happy Goats farm...

  3. "Mooooom! Don't wash my butt on camera!"

    I like hearing their goatly voices too. They sound a little like pigs. That probably wasn't very complimentary, but I quite like pigs, so please do not take offense.

  4. I thought they sounded like pigs too! What a shocker!

  5. That was a great video. Mallory is a little carried away with her child. I hope Marion gets to play with the boys. They were so funny tearing around in the back ground and then up the boards. Mallory is going to have a nervous breakdown.
    That is so much fun watching. Loved the one little goat kid baa.

  6. what a deep little goat voice. i would have expected something quite different. i bet it is like people would never believe the noise teddy makes when she snores!

  7. I had to replay the 46 mark several times to watch the other two zoom in! Those are some fast kids. And it looks like you are herding cats over there with everyone going in different directions. Marion is a natural!

  8. Adorable!... and Marion didn't even notice the guys who just happened to need to run up in front of her to show off their power... smart cookie... let them wonder and perform miracles, later on... thanks for sharing...

    Twitter: SolarChief

  9. I would say someones Mom keeps a close eye on her! to cute!

  10. Cute video of Marion and loved the cameos with Timmy and Lew! Mallory is learning how to handle the papparzzi pretty well it seems!

  11. Marion is a very sweet little star. But Mallory - what can I say? Some actors chew the scenery, she is chewing the camera!

  12. I love how protective she is, very sweet.


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