Thursday, June 24, 2010

Is Someone Watching Over Me?

I was out for my graze and as I was enjoying the grass I felt like I was being watched.
It was a very odd feeling.
I thought I would try and see if anyone was spying on me. I tried to look nonchalant - I pretended I was scratching an itch - aren't I a smart doe?

but I didn't see anything.
I went back to my grazing but still felt like I was being watched. Then I thought to look up and what did I see?

Sherpa the Farm Cat and Harry the Farm Kitten sitting in the window!
Spying on me!

Silly kitties!

I think they liked it up there because they stayed in the window for quite some time.

I decided I would sit down and rest and ruminate on this cat spying.

I am not sure this is a good thing.
How would you feel if you were being spied on by these two?

Scary, huh?

Tomorrow:  It's AbbyDay!


  1. Watch out Pricilla! I think those boys are wanting to see you sunbathe in the nude! Naughty boys! hee hee

  2. Spying is fun. If I lived there, I am pretty sure I would spy on you, too!

  3. Hmmm.... and just who are these spies reporting back to? Very suspicious indeed....

  4. Harry the farm kitty?? Where have I been? You have a BW kitty, you know how I feel about black/whites!!! they are THE cutest! Sherpa has no chance....hehehe

  5. cute spies, regardless of who they are spying for.

  6. Spying is NOT a very nice thing to do and you were right to just lay down and be boring so they would go doe...

    Twitter: SolarChief

  7. Very cute! At least they look like friendly little spies.

  8. I think they are just in aww of you, so they just can't help themselves!

  9. I would feel a little nervous too, in fact I would also take a lie down and ruminate for a bit too. Silly kitties.

  10. maybe it is the other way around....maybe an outside goatie was spying on to housebound kitties!

  11. Wow! Sherpa is GIANT in comparison to Harry! But it looks like they are getting along just swell. And they are ganging up on the goats. :) Hee! Hee!

  12. I'm sure they were just admiring you. After all, you are the spokesgoat.

  13. Cats are very sneaky sometimes!

    Your pal, Pip

  14. We bet those boys think you are very fun to watch Pricilla! We're just glad that Sherpa is watching from inside the house this time! Harry is so tiny and oh so cute!

  15. Sherpa makes Harry look super itty bitty!

    I'm with Daisy, I'm pretty sure if Pimp and Moo lived there, they'd be spying on you, too!

  16. I'm with the other kitties here, if I lived on the farm, I would probably be staring at you all the time too.

    You are lucky you only have Sherpa and Harry to contend with.


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