Monday, June 28, 2010

I am a Bit Embarrassed

I hate to admit this, but I must.
I really wanted to steal Mallory's new kid when the publicist brought it down to the pen today.
I am ashamed.
But I would make such a good nanny. And it is just not fair that I lost my kid.

So when little Marion came down I just had to try and lick her.
Mallory was not happy. She did not want to share.

I wasn't REALLY going to steal the baby. Much.
I just wanted to remember what it was like to have a kid near me.

But little Marion was right. She stayed by her nanny while Mallory and I had an, erm discussion.

I made my point

and Mallory made hers.

But we made up by the end of the day and everything was friendly.
Mallory knows I love her kid like it was mine.

Marion did get to enjoy wandering around and exploring the Farm a bit.

Which is a good thing for a kid.


  1. Well, if she weren't so darn cute, there wouldn't be anyone fighting over her.

  2. Oh Pricilla, I do not blame you. But I am glad you and Mallory made up in the end.

  3. I'm sorry you don't have a cute little baby to mother, Pricilla! My goodness... you have terrific fighting form!

  4. Well, I'm glad the ladies got that straightened out... but at least Marion will be well-looked after and they'll be keeping a sharp eye when those young fellas come for a look-see... have a great day!

    Twitter: SolarChief

  5. I can't blame you, that new baby is precious. At least you can be a great "auntie"?

  6. awww...that is sort of sad. maybe they eventually will share parenting!

  7. oh isn't Marion just too cute. i can not blames you for fighting over her just a little bit.

  8. You couldn't help yourself little Marrion is just too cute!

  9. Just remind Mallory that it takes a whole barnyard to raise a kid. I'm sure she'll appreciate your help looking after Marion when she gets a bit bigger, faster, and naughtier.

  10. We don't blame you Pricilla. We'd do the same thing if we were on the farm with all those cute kids!

  11. I'm just glad poor Marion didn't get bumped in the process of all this silliness!


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