Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day

I want to say Happy Father's Day to all of you human fathers out there.

The only father here on the farm is my studmuffin.
So we will dedicate this post to him.

 (Isn't he just the handsomest?)

Luke the goat.
He is the daddy of the kids on the Farm.
He got to go on a special graze yesterday to celebrate Father's Day.

He doesn't get out as much as we does do.

He went down in the gulley almost to the river!

He likes to butt the big weeds down there.
Then he munches them.

Then he came back up and ate some more.
Munch, munch, munch.
I was very jealous!

He was having a very good time running up and down the hill.

 But then the publicist told him he had to go back to his pen.
You know what happened then, don't you?

She got the goat stare of death!

All of us Happy Goats really do hope you all have a great day today.
We are going to be extra nice to Luke.
He is a good daddy.


  1. Happy Father's Day, Luke. You are a very good goatdad.

    ps: I just saw little Harry. He is adorable! Congratulations on your new little addition.

  2. Happy Goatie Father's Day Luke! May you have many,many years ahead of you making cute and bouncy baby goats!

  3. Wish you happy Father's day 2010 and also for all my friends.

  4. Happy Father's Day to Luke, who I like to think of as "Big Daddy"

  5. Happy Goatly Father's Day, Luke!

    If ever there was a day to deliver the Goat Stare of Death, it is today.

  6. happy father's day luke! paul just amazes me. teddy is his boss and he just can't understand why he gets nipped when he does something she doesn't want him to do. she sure knows better than to try that with me. once in a while she will give me the evil look and i just look right back at her and tell her....don't even think about it!!!

  7. You sure are a handsome Dad Luke. No wonder your children are so good looking. Glad to see you had a good day.

  8. Happy Fathers Day Luke! Looks like you had a wonderful celebration grazing on the hill!

  9. Happy Fathers Day Luke,,, Harrison also is the only Dad we have here... Nilla Wafers where his treat :O)...

    Your a very handsome goat Mr.Luke

  10. What a great Goat Father's Day Gift (even if he did give the publicist the stare of death).

  11. Happy Fathers Day, Luke! I'm happy to see you got special treats today.

  12. happy fathers day, Luke...
    and, major location envy.
    You have got some views!

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