Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Chicken Tales

I am sure you are all wondering about the chicks.
I told you about them a while ago but I have not given you an update in a while.
I have exciting news!
The chicks have gotten big enough to be moved outside to the chicken tractor!

The male person has moved the chicken tractor out of my goat pen.
This makes me very happy.

I think the chicks are very happy too!

Not all of them have figured out how to come out of the little house to the outside world.

But those that do seem to like it outside.
The exotic chick is really showing his colors. The male person and publicist still think he is a dark Brahma.

Aren't the feathers on his feet funny?

Maybe these chicks will be lucky and they will win one of FarmMan's HenPals Nest Boxes from Life on a Southern Farm.  You can try and win one too by clicking the link off to the right. Your chickens will live in style! Well, your hens will anyway. I don't think your roosters will care.

I hope you liked this update on the chicks.
I am just glad they are not in my goat pen.
For that I am doing the goat dance of joy!

Tomorrow:  Wordless Wednesday


  1. Those feathered feet are funny! I do follow Life on a Southern Farm. The HenPals Nest Boxes look really great.

  2. It is amazing how fast chicks grow!

  3. i can't wait to follow the chicks progress!

  4. I love trying to figure out the different breeds.
    My furry footed one is a bantam, I am told.

  5. The goat dance of joy? Now THAT I'd like to see.


  6. The baby chicks aren't so baby now :O)... I love the furry feet chickens :O)

  7. They certainly are growing up...and so diverse...love the feathered feet...there's a chicken I saw in England that was a beautiful brown and had feathered feet and what looked like a feathered apron all around the bottom of the body so that the feet were totally hidden...they looked like they were nesting while walking...adorable...

  8. Oh, they are lovely chickens! I like the guy with fluffy feet. I wish I could have chickens here. :(

  9. Baby goats and teenage chickens - things must be pretty lively!

  10. The chicks are getting so big!

  11. The chicks grew up pretty quick! We've never heard the term Chicken tractor before but we can picture them driving it all around the farm!

  12. Wow! That one chick with the feathered feet is very silly looking. I love it!

  13. They are getting big. And it's about time you got your pen back.

  14. I am pleased to hear that they have moved out of the goat pen. Don't the publicist and male person realize that goats should not be required to associate with such lowly creatures as chickens :)?


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