Tuesday, May 11, 2010

We Show Off Our New Collars

The male person bought us new collars.
Wasn't that nice of him?
So with all due respect to Madonna...
We Goat Vogue!

Vogue, vogue
vogue, vogue

Come on and vogue
Let that Mallory maaa to the music, 

maaa, maaa, maaa

Then let that Matthew be like a doe.

You know he can do it.

Look around everywhere we turn is hay and grain
It's everywhere we go
We try all the time to escape
The goat pen of our life you know

When all else fails and you long to be
Somewhere greener than you are today
We know a place we can get away
It's called a graze field and here's what it's for so

Come one and goat vogue
Let that Nora maaa to the music, 

maaa, maaa, maa

Let that Pricilla bask like a doe

maa, maaa, maa

All we need is our goat imagination
We use it that's what it's for
We stay outside for our best inspiration
Our dreams are an open pen door.

It makes no difference if Nora is black and white
Or Sarah black and brown.
Our cuds are chewin', Abby's full of new life
I'm a super SpokesGoat, that's what I am, you know it!

So join us and
Goat vogue!

Let my studmuffin maaa to the music

Let him show of his horns!

Bounty is where you find it
Not just where you chew and grind it
Hay and grain is in the barn
That's where we feel penned in
The riverbank that's were we feel free
So everyone come on and

Goat vogue!
Vogue, vogue
vogue, vogue

Sarah maaas to the music

She's happy to be on the Farm
Where she can....

Goat vogue, vogue, vogue!

(Abby didn't need a new collar so she didn't get one)
I hope you liked my song.

We all feel very pretty - and studly in Luke's case - in our new neckwear.

Original Vogue lyrics HERE

Tomorrow:  Wordless Wednesday


  1. That was so good! I just loved it and you all look terrific in your new collars!

  2. cuuute collars! And, you totally put Madonna to shame.

  3. I think the Goat Vogue is going to be the newest dance craze! You all look fabulous in your new collars.

  4. Wow Pricilla, I had no idea that you were a lyrics writer! What a great job you did! I was singing along in my head! Now I feel like dancing. Great new collars by the way! Really fancy!

  5. You all look so stylish! I bet Nora and Sarah are so happy to be back on the farm.

  6. Hee hee! That's great! We don't wear collars because Nigel likes to grab them and pull us around! If we did we'd love fancy vogue-ish collars like yours!
    I want to see the music video that goes along with your song!

  7. Cute collars and even cuter song!!

  8. Very nice...G..L..A..M..O..R..O..U..S. Do you know Fergie's song? Try some new words for that one.

  9. You made my day... Be prepared... You may just be the BEST blog ever

  10. I did like your song! Matter of fact I loved it along with all of your new collars. You all should be models in Vogue magazine.

    Great post.
    Have a good day.

  11. Those are snazzy!!!! I think they all look glamorous!

  12. i had no idea you were so musical and fashionable at the same time!

  13. We love the Goat Vogue version! And we love your fancy collars too!

  14. I love your collars. If you finish your Vogue, come by my site, www.edenhillsgoat.blogspot.com to pick up an award I'd like to pass on to you. It is Life is Good, and it has some questions.

  15. Did you go to Goats 'R Us for those collars?? I love them--they sure are snappy!

  16. This was way better than Madonna's version and even better than the Glee version!

  17. Hahahhahaha! This was so great.

    You all goat vogue very well!

  18. Nice collars. Our goats love new collars.

  19. That was just too funny! Fab new collars, btw.

  20. Love the new collars!! Plaid is to cute!

  21. Lovely new collars to shine in the summer sun. They're maaaa-ve-lous! Thank you for being so kind in showing us everyone's new collar.


Maaaaaa away....


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