Thursday, May 27, 2010

Meet the Twins!

As you can imagine it was an exciting day around here yesterday.
I think those of us waiting had more fun than Abby but that is the way of kids.
So without further ado, I present to you my grandkids, Timmy and Lew!

As you can see Timmy looks rather like Luke.

And Lew looks like Abby.

Isn't that funny?
They are very cute and very small. One tends to forget just how small little goatlings are.
It's nice to have twins on the Farm. It will be fun to watch them playing together.

They came out of the barn for a little while today.

I think they liked exploring. I am sure the world looks mighty big to them!

I am not sure, but Timmy might have blue eyes. That would be interesting.

Even if they are not blue, he is a cutie pie!

Lew has just the lightest sprinkling of fairy dust on his ears.

I am not the least bit prejudiced about my grandkids.
Oh, no!

Abby is a good nanny. When the rooster crowed she went right to attention to make sure nothing hurt her kids!

Then little Lew settled in for a drink of nice, rich milk.

There will be lots of photos over the next few days. 
Of course!
And a bit of video tomorrow.
These kids are destined to be STARS!

Welcome to the Farm Timmy and Lew!
Welcome to the Farm.


  1. Beautiful, beautiful babies!!!! They are so adorable and look so healthy! Congratulations Grandma!

  2. Oh my, they are gorgeous! I especially like Timmy's coat pattern. It is sort of like Harley's coat!

  3. Guess we missed them by a week! Bet Abby is glad that she's not lugging them around any more! They really are cuties!

  4. timmy and lew are sooooo cute! i would want to play with them all day! i bet abby is feeling a lot lighter! since they are both boys will they be leaving sometime in the future? i am setting myself up for goatie separation already!

  5. They are soooo cute!! I love the pics! Can't wait to see more!! They are one day old??

  6. Oh my goodness Timmy looks like my little Harry! Yay! Black and whites are THE cutest. Congrats Abby and grandma!

  7. They are adorable. And sprinkled with Pixie Dust! You must be a very proud grandma.

  8. oh, aren't they absolutely the cutest things!
    Two boys, huh. Who cares, they make up for it in purdy-ness.
    I can't decide which one I like better, but if Timmy does turn out to have blue eyes, he might become my favorite.

  9. Extra super cute! Timmy looks like he snuck a bite of something chocolate and left the evidence on his nose and mouth! Lew looks like our Lola,cute ,cute,cute!

  10. So adorable. Love the ear dusting on Lew! Keep us posted, for sure...

  11. I'm gonna call Lew "Radar" for short--okay?? It looks like he's got little antennas with those ears. :) Oh, gees, I wish I was there to see those little guys in person. Give them both a smoochie from Aunt Lin, okay???

  12. OMG! they are sooo cute. i love timmy the best! are you wanting to sell these babies or are they for you to keep? i might be interested in getting one...can you e-mail me if you want to discuss further

  13. Hold the presses!!!! Timmy has a NOSE SPOT! Adorable.

    I love these babies. Can't wait to see even more cute pictures!

  14. Positively adorable! I love Lew's ears -- that sprinkling of white is precious.

    Way to go Abby!

  15. You must be so proud! I love them both already. Congratulations to the Maaa of Pricilla.

  16. oh my goodness if they are not adorable!!!! Make that ADORABLE LOL... ewww cuteness!!! That Timmy has cow markings LOL like Justice ... nothing as cute as baby goats :)

  17. They are so, so adorable! Timmy's markings are so cute and we love Lew's ears! We can't wait to watch them as they explore their new world!

  18. OMG they are sooo cute!!! I just wanna reach through my computer and give them big cuddles.

  19. Grandkids are the best! I'm sure you will be a great nanna to them. I'm glad they arrived safely.

  20. They are beautiful! Timmy's marking are so cute and Lew's fairy dusted ears are adorable! Congratulations Pricilla on your grandkids!

  21. Jen, turn away for a moment while I say this.


    I am SO EXCITED you shared the pictures with us. Those little ones are so sweet!

  22. That's amazing that they are up and around already. That does not happen with kittens!

    My human, the baby goat fiend, is freaking right now. She is so excited she can barely control herself.

  23. They are both so cute, but I think I'm in love with Timmy.

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