Saturday, May 8, 2010

It's MY Turn to Talk About the New Goats on the Farm

That Abby. She hardly mentioned my beautiful Sarah yesterday. But that's Abby!
I was of course, thrilled that my Sarah was back on the Farm.
She was a bit nervous at first.
I don't think she recognized me!
Can you imagine such a thing?
She butt me!

ME! Her own nanny!

Well, I soon showed her who was bossgoat!

After that I have to admit I was a bit of lovesick goat because I wanted her to remember me and love me like I loved her.

I followed her everywhere trying to lick her like she was a baby again.
I don't think she appreciated it.
But a nanny is a nanny until she dies.

And kids frustrate their parents no matter the species, right?

Sarah finally jumped up on the spool to erm, survey her domain. That's it! She wasn't trying to get away from me. No, not at all.

Would you run away from this face?

I didn't think so!

Tomorrow: Sunday Movies with The Happy Goats


  1. I think you are a beautiful goat!!! Just a little silly! hee hee

  2. She is a cutie, but not as cute as he momma

  3. You know how kids are -- always wanting to establish their independence. Still want you around, but not too close. A Happy Mother's Day for sure, for you -- oh! and to your publicist, too!

  4. That was so cute! I love that last photo. You gave me a great smile this morning.

  5. awwww...they are so cute. it will be interesting to see how they all fit in together!

  6. Uhm, no Cilly, no one would run from that face! LOL It's so good that Sarah is home with you again!

  7. I'm sure Sarah is just embarrassed at having to move back home with her nanny when she is all grown up. Give her time, and she'll be back to snuggling with Mom.

  8. I have wondered if my Rubix would remember me, you know he live just about a 1/2 mile down the raod from us! Kids can be kinda touchy, maybe she just didn't want you fussing over her ... you know how they are :O)...

  9. sheesh sorry about the typos! Hard to type with hooves, well you know how it is :O)

  10. Yes, sweet Pricilla, we all want our "kids" to remember us and to love us the way we love them.

    Lovely words from a lovely goat.

  11. I wouldn't run away from that face. I might fall on the ground laughing. With you, not at you, of course.

  12. hey Pricilla,

    Your Sarah is very pretty! Do goat kids usually head butt their moms (nannies)? Sarah looks so cute on the spool, and that is so sweet of you to run after her and lick her. What a good mom - I mean Nannie, you are!

    I don't think Sarah is running away from you. I think you are beautiful, especially when you stick out your tongue! :->


  13. 忙碌的一天終於過了,來看看文章轉換心情,也幫你加個油哦~ ..................................................

  14. LOL! And I thought it was only the humans who had parental issues!

  15. The last photo cracked me up! It's fun to see her back on the farm.


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