Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Is That an ALIEN in the Goat Pen?

We went into our goat pen this morning and saw an alien!
That's right!

I can tell you don't believe me.

It was an alien with HAY GROWING OUT OF IT'S HEAD!
Now I am all for hay but I am not going to eat an alien's head!
See for yourselves!

Do you know what kind of alien this is?
It did not seem to bother Matthew. He went right up and MUNCHED ON IT'S HEAD!

So did Mallory!

Ha! I am kidding you! But I am sure you know that!
The male person's shop vac broke so now we get to use it as a hay feeder.
Which is nice because the chickens won't be dancing in our hay now.

Abby wasn't sure at first.

But she soon started munching away with Matthew.

Mallory really dug in, didn't she?

I think this alien in our midst is a good thing!

Tomorrow:  Wordless Wednesday


  1. Aliens are definitely much better if they bring delicious things to eat. As long as he doesn't want to make all of you his goat slaves.

  2. I like goats and their "eat first, ask questions later" kinda mentality. :)

  3. What genius. Just think of all the things that could be hay racks.

  4. reclaimed and recycled. My kind of thing, alien or not.

  5. haha..if an alien showed up in my yard with food, teddy would eat the food and then the alien!!!

  6. See change can be a good thing. :D

  7. Your mom did a good job upcycling that vacuum. How ingenious.

  8. What a fabulous new feeder! I bet alien heads are delicious.

  9. Wowie, aliens are a lot friendlier than I ever imagined!

  10. Aliens bearing gifts of hay? They sure landed in the right spot!

  11. Sometimes weird things bring good things and I am not talking about the male person or your publicist :o)
    Yea for the hay!

  12. Glad the alien turned out to be tasty! The publicist is quite creative to reuse instead of trashing.

  13. I wonder what planet that hay came from.

  14. Very creative! We use an old baby crib for our hay...

  15. You goats are so "green" this is a very good thing! Always good to find a new purpose for a old item :O)... Good job :O)


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