Saturday, May 15, 2010

Interview with Sarah the Goat

Since we have two new goats on the Farm I thought they deseved an interview just like all the other animals have had so even though Sarah the goat is my kid I'm going to ask her some questions for you.

So Sarah, you were born here on the Farm weren't you?

That's right Maaaaa. I was your first kid here on the Farm with my twin Michael the goat. I had lots of fun playing with him and with my sister Abby the goat.

You were a very cute kid, if I do say so. But I guess I am prejudiced as I am your nanny.

That's OK. All nannies feel that way about their kids.

Some people think that Luke the goat is your daddy but that's not true. Who's your daddy? 

My daddy is Titus the goat from your old Farm. Sadly, I have never met him. From what you have told me he was a very nice buck.  He is also Abby's daddy.

I understand that you are somewhat of a famous goat coat model. What do you think of this?

I think I made a great goat coat model. I was born when it was a bit chilly and I was shivering and the publicist felt bad for me so she ordered me that coat. I really liked it.
The publicist is so nice.

Why did you leave the Farm?

Friends of the male person and publicist wanted to have goats so the only ones who could leave at the time were me and Nora the goat so we went to live together on our new Farm. It was very nice.  Our new owners treated us very well.

Are you glad to be back?
I am very happy to be back. I like having a bigger herd to play in. I am very glad to see you again too nanny!

Why are you back?

Well, the people who owned the Farm where Nora and I lived wanted to travel so they asked the male person and the publicist if they wanted us to come back to the Farm. I am very happy they said yes.

I hope you all liked this interview with Sarah the goat. I will have an interview with Nora the goat next week so you can learn more about her.

Tomorrow:  Sunday Movies with The Happy Goats


  1. My goodness Sarah! You are a very beautiful doe. It must be nice to be home with your family.

  2. Great interview Sarah, that cleared up a lot of questions.

    I like the name of your Dad. Titus, yep that is a very good name for a buck!

  3. It's good to be home again I bet. :) Such sweet baby photos!

  4. That was a great interview! it answered all my questions! I am glad to see you back!

  5. What a sweet interview with your nanny!

  6. It was nice to learn all about Sarah. Glad you got to come bak to the farm.

  7. I have to go back and read it again...I got caught up looking at the adorable photos!

  8. We enjoyed your interview Sarah and it was good learning more about you! You were a very cute coat model!

  9. Thank you Sarah. I love hearing about you all. Glad you are back with your Ma

  10. It's so nice to meet Sarah officially. What a beautiful model she is.


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