Thursday, May 13, 2010

Hey Publicist, Hey, Hey, Hey! Hey Publicist!

It was an exciting day when Sarah and Nora came back to the Farm.
But I think that perhaps Matthew was feeling a bit left out because everyone was fussing over the new arrivals.

The publicist was standing by the spools and I think he was trying to get her attention

What do you think?

He kept tapping her with his hoof
Then he butt her with his head

and he did it again!

He was very insistent.

And then, then!

He BIT her hood!

Even Mallory was shocked at his behavior.
Can you imagine such a thing?!

I guess he realized he was being a bad kid because he leaned over to give her a goat kiss and then he jumped down to play with Nora and Sarah.

Silly Matthew.

Tomorrow: It's AbbyDay!


  1. What a great goat blog. We have one goat but I think he has become a horse!

  2. Matthew is so cute! I want to give him a little hug.

  3. He just wanted some love. I can't believe he was ignored like that! Sheesh. ;)

  4. Matthew is actually a good boy. When I ignore Oatmeal or Starling(king One and king two) they bite me not on the hood, but on the...butt.
    And, they have learned to chomp on my ponytail and yank it just so.
    It is what I get for ignoring the boys.

  5. Matthew is the baby of the herd and babies are supposed to get all the attention or so I have been told by my baby goaties!

  6. He just wanted some attention. It is hard giving up your spot as the baby.

  7. A goat kiss ... that's extremely cute.

  8. men are jealous and needy creatures, no matter what species you are talking about!

  9. Aw, Matthew was acting JUST like Moo when I'm doing something else (a.k.a. ignorning him)!

  10. awwww...matthew is a bit jealous! he is too cute!

  11. Awww, Matthew is such a sweetie!

  12. He really loves the publicist!!!

  13. Awwww, poor attention-starved Matthew!

  14. What a silly jealous goatie boy.

  15. What's wrong with poking the human? I do it all the time.


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