Friday, May 28, 2010

A Happy Goats Video Extra!

Yes, that is right!
I have a movie for you.
On Friday!
Are you amazed?

It is of the twins but I am sure you knew that!
It is a little long but the publicist is a bit besotted with them.

We big goats have not met them yet. She thinks they are too little to come out and play with us yet. Maybe over the weekend. I hope so. I really want to lick play with them.

Since I lost my baby I really am happy that there are babies to play with.

I hope you liked the movie.
I keep watching it!


  1. I COMPLETLEY understand why the publicist is besotted! Who could not love them?!?

  2. toooooo cute, I was able to watch the video...good connection apparently this morning! How fun!

  3. AWWWW. Sounds like the chickens want to check them out, too!

  4. i loved the video!! yay! they are so cute and tiny!

  5. Those little goat bleats are wonderful to hear.

  6. so adorable! It's amazing how fast they get up and run and jump!

  7. I think I'm dying of cuteness overload. Wishing I could pet them!

  8. We want goats! They are so cute, sound so cute and their tails are majorly cute!

  9. I'm STILL amazed that they're up and running so quickly! Seeing them on video makes it even more so.

    Must keep reminding my human that the area around our house is FULL of coyotes, no baby goats for us!!

  10. They are wonderful. Nothing like kids.

  11. I can't watch it! My iPad doesn't have flash. BOOOOOO! I need to see the video! I feel so left out, humph! Sidenote-Amanda, remember to watch video of the adorable Timothy! Ok well see if I remember be continued

  12. Please pack both of them up ASAP and send them to my house. I can give you the address if you don't have it handy.

    Also, please ask them to stay just like that and not grow. Moo and Pimp want goats to play with. They can sleep in my bed. I promise to give them a nice, loving home.

    They do like cats, right?

  13. They are so precious. Did I hear little tiny "baa-aas" from them?


Maaaaaa away....


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