Monday, May 10, 2010

Chickucation: How to Set Up a Chick Nursery in Your Basement

It's that time of year!
The time of year when a peeping package arrives on the Farm.
That's right!
The new chicks are here!
The male person got a phone call early Sunday morning that the chicks were in Missoula. They came a bit earlier than he was expecting them.
He hopped in his truck and headed down to get them.

While he was gone the publicist cleaned out a space in the basement for them to live until they are old enough and strong enough to go outside. They need to be contained but still have a bit of room to stretch their little chicken legs.

They also need to have a heat lamp to keep them warm.

The chicks arrive in a special box with lots of air holes.

They huddle together inside for warmth. This year all of the chicks arrived alive. We are all very happy about that.

The male person and the publicist took them out one by one and showed them where their water was and gave them a drink.
They were thirsty!

They soon found their food all on their own.

We have an exotic chick again this year. 

Fortunately it does not look to be another Blue Guy. This is a good thing. Blue Guy was a very baaaaad rooster.  The publicist is guessing this is a Dark Brahma chicken because of it's marking and fuzzy feet but she doesn't know for sure yet.

It is cute, though and easy to pick out from all of the Rhode Island Reds.

The chicks will stay in the basement for about 5 - 6 weeks as they grow bigger and get strong enough to handle the outside world.

Then I have heard the publicist muttering about rooster stew again because of the way the current roosters are treating her. She says some very bad words when those birds attack her. She plans to try and make friends with this years' crop of roosters.

I wish her luck.

The publicist apologizes for the reddish/orange cast to the photos. The heat lamp is not the best lighting for taking pictures of the chicks.

Tomorrow:  Goat Vogueing


  1. Those are some cute chicks!

  2. We love baby chicks here on our farm! My lady thinks you should get a tennis racket to carry with you when you are out with your roosters. Just a little THONK with the racket and you'd be safe! You don't have to launch the "birdie" but just a nudge away should do it!

  3. Baby chicks are so cute. Who knew they could grow up to be so vicious. Have I missed something? The blue guy WAS bad. Did he turn into rooster stew?

  4. Nothing says spring like baby chicks! I hope there is a nice replacement rooster in there...

  5. good luck with your chicks, although I gotta say, a chick with a name like "brahma" does not bode well, I would keep my eye on that one!

  6. i have the same question? why is blue guy being referred to in the past tense? the chicks are so cute. i can't wait to watch them grow!

  7. Those chicks are super cute! (And this is coming from a Cute expert, you know...)

    Please tell the publicist not to worry about the orangey picture -- we don't even notice because we're too busy awwwwing about the chickies!

  8. Those baby chicks are so cute... so I have a question, they are in the basement? Do they smell? I am not trying to be rude I would really love to know.

  9. aww, babies!!!!
    Love the different one.
    Tell the publicist that our ex-roosters made me say words that I had to give up for Lent.
    Ex-roosters, uh-huh.

  10. Those are the cutest cat toys I have ever seen ;-)

  11. They are just so cute and I can practically hear the cheeping from here!

  12. That's a lot of cute little chicks! We hope none of them turn into a Blue Guy!

  13. I don't know anything about chickens, so don't laugh when I ask this: Can't you just raise chicks from the hens you have? Why do you have to order chicks each year?

    I think the publicist needs to establish who's the boss around there. Maybe get a big stick or something. I think those roosters are taking over!

  14. I love the babies. They are so cute. I know what you mean about those roosters. I had to throw one out of the coop--now the geese keep him on his toes, and he's mellowed out a bit.

  15. Oh they are cute! But don't get my wrong I am still so on your side and think you are the bomb!! If you are feeling cooped-up ;o) and need to get away you are very welcome to come to my place. the only thing is you will have to be okay with the fact I have just discovered goat-milk soap and love it

  16. How exciting! I wish we could do something like that here, but it would never happen because that very bad roommate of mine, Binga, would probably figure out how to get to the chicks and munch on them.

    Of course, I would never do anything like that. I am a GOOD kitty always. Um, honest.

  17. How very cool! They look like they will be very happy in that little pen until they grow big enough to go outside.

    Good luck to the publicist for her quest to become friends with the new roosters. Roosters sound unfriendly.

  18. So adorable. I love little chicks, they are so sweet and they peep, and peep, and peep, and peep, and peepandpeepandpeepandpeepandpeep...hmmm,cat chew toy...hmmm.

  19. They are all so cute and look like they made the trip to their new home very well.

    The exotic chick's feet does look like our Light Brahma's biddies feet but they didn't have the markings on their back's like that one. I've never had a dark brahma though.
    The feet surely look like a brahma.

    Hope it will be a she. None of our brahma roosters were ever mean. I did have some of those same words coming out when that Bad Boy Rooster used to jump out and chase me.

    Have a great day.


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