Friday, May 7, 2010

AbbyDay: Meet Nora My Kid - and Sarah Too!

It's AbbyDay and a very special AbbyDay at that! 
I get to introduce you to my kid Nora!
She came back to the Farm yesterday.
It was a very exciting day, that's for sure!

Isn't she beautiful?

I can't believe how much she looks like me!
I am very happy to have her back here on the Farm.

She was a little afraid at first but she soon settled in.
There will be a lot more photos tomorrow.

Oh, and Pricilla's kid Sarah came too.

She's OK.

Tomorrow:  All the excitement of the new goats meeting the old goats.


  1. Welcome back, Nora and Sarah!

  2. welcome nora and just returned to goat heaven!

  3. Hooray!! How nice they are home! I'll bet they were scared not knowing where they were going. :(

  4. They're both beautiful!

    Question -- do you actually recognize Nora as your daughter?

  5. Welcome, Nora and Sarah!

    You are both very beautiful and sweet goats. I hope you'll be very happy back on the farm.

  6. Well both are just such pretty girls!! Welcome home girls!!

  7. They are both gorgeous. Welcome back to the most fabulous goat farm. I look to many more photos of you both.

  8. Nora and Sarah, you are just plain cutie pies!

    Welcome back.

    Have a great weekend.

  9. They look just like their mothers! What a great Mother's Day you will have.

  10. WElcome Home! Abs, are you going to share your day with your lovely daughter? Did she remember you? For a sec I thought she was you!!

  11. Welcome Nora and Sarah. Enjoy the reunions and hope you'll settle in before long...

  12. Welcome home Nora and Sarah. They are beautiful girls!!!

  13. Norah and Sarah are both very beautiful. I especially like their horns.

  14. Welcome back home Nora and Sarah! You both are as beautiful as your moms! What a wonderful Mother's Day present!

  15. Hi Nora and Sarah! Are you both here to stay? How exciting!

  16. These are about the prettiest goats I've ever seen! Why is it I know they are so beautiful? Men talk about sheep, but I love me some goats!


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