Friday, May 21, 2010

AbbyDay - I Will Be Taking Some Time Off Now

It's AbbyDay and you all know how much I like AbbyDay.
But I have some sad news.
Well, necessary news anyway.
Today is my last AbbyDay for a while. At least until I have my kid.
So I will show you what I love the most - ME!

Doing what I love best.


I went quite a ways up the road here.

I think I made the publicist nervous.
But the new green grass is just so good!

I also love the tall dried grasses as well.
I really enjoy eating.
Mmmm, food.

But at least I look like this for a good reason!

I really can't fit through the trailer door any longer.
THAT is the real reason I am taking some time off.


  1. Can't wait to see the baby/ies!!!

  2. Have a nice, relaxing maternity rest Abby! I hope you have a lovely baby...or babies!!!!! Keep have to keep your strength up! hee hee

  3. I hope that baby comes safely and SOON! We can't wait and I'm sure you can't either. :)

    P.S. You'll get your girlish figure back again soon.

  4. You deserve a rest. If I remember correctly, the end of pregnancy is very difficult. I can't wait until we can see the baby.

  5. I'll miss your weekly posts but can't wait to see your kid(s)!

  6. We will miss you, Abby, but we want you to get plenty of rest and take care of yourself. Also, it seems that the publicist might need a wide-angle lens to get any more photos of you. Oops! Was that rude?!

  7. ohhhhhh...i can't wait to see your babies!!!

  8. Fully understand. Nesting instinct is now very strong. Looking forward to the, now.

  9. We understand and hope the babies come soon! Take care Abby!

  10. How much longer, Pricilla? I can't wait!

  11. ah yes, maternity leave... its a good thing... can't wait to see your new kid :O) ...

  12. Is it bad of me to admit that I feel much thinner after reading this post?

  13. Would you hurry up and HAVE those babies already????? !!!!!!!

  14. I can truly sympathize. When are you due? Does the publicist give you a good rump scratch? I'm guessing you can't reach yourself any more.

  15. Rest up and enjoy your maternity leave, Abby! We can't wait to meet your kid.

  16. I can't wait to see the new addition!

  17. I know it's exciting for you waiting for you kid to be born. My two heifers will be calving very soon and I am so excited.

  18. That noise you hear is me groaning - my human is SUCH a sucker for baby goats! I can tell she is going to start getting really annoying very soon.


Maaaaaa away....


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