Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The Publicist Sees One of My Cousins!

The publicist and the male person went on a picnic on Saturday.
That was very nice for them but THEY DID NOT TAKE US!
Can you imagine such a thing?
They left us here at the Farm. Alone!
Harumph again!

They went and saw pretty things like this

and this

and to top it all off they saw one of my cousins!
At first he was very hard to find in the brush.

Then he stood up!

That's right! A yearling moose!

A moose is a ruminant just like me.
Only bigger.
And funnier looking.
OK - maybe that wasn't so nice but you have to admit that moose are rather funny looking critters.
 After the publicist took a bunch of photos he started to hide himself in the brush.

Can YOU find the moose?

The publicist and male person had a very nice picnic. 
Or so I heard. 
It's not like I was THERE or anything....

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  1. As cute as he is, I'd be soooo outta there knowing that mom is somewhere around there!! Yikes! Run away!!!

  2. Well,what were they thinking!A picnic is not a picnic without a goat to join you!

  3. Wonderful pictures. Too bad Priscilla didn't get to go. A goats life can be a hard life.LOL

  4. awww, he is a cutie! But then again, I am the girl who thinks possums, rats, racoons, beavers, and moles are cute, too.
    Some may disagree.

  5. HOw could you leave your children at home all alone? Shame on you.... out there sitting on all that green grass in amongst all those trees with yummy bark?

  6. A yearling moose usually means that mama is nearby. I'm glad you didn't come between them!

  7. Its been my experience its better when lady and man rancher do not take us with them... seems when they take anyone with them....well they don't come back... I say stay at home :O) tee hee ..

  8. That little fella is so darn cute!!! I can't be mad at them for the picnic. I think they deserved it and the sites they saw were beautiful!

  9. I've only seen two moose up close and personal and each time it is amazing. I didn't know they were related to the goats. I learn something new here every time I visit.

    Maybe next time you can go?

  10. Thanks for sharing this wonderful little excusion! I'm not sure I could have stayed around a young moose. Moose have very bad manners around two-legged folk. But, the pictures are gorgeous. (what price, beauty!)

  11. Such a pretty place and a cute moose! The only thing missing was you!

  12. Oh how cute! Who knew you had such a great view! I still have all your photos. Im just slammed this week with the event. As soon as I have a moment to breath I will do a post!

  13. i can just imagine the publicist and the male person taking all of you on a picnic. that would be a funny video!

  14. I know it is tough, but sometimes the publicist and male person need some time to themselves without any animals (except apparently a moose). The moose is adorable. We sometimes get them around here but I have never seen one.

  15. what a cute moose. I can't believe they left you behind!

  16. That is totally Not Fair, leaving you behind like that. Especially when they got to visit with YOUR cousin!

  17. I was absolutely shocked the first time I actually saw a live moose while visiting Yellowstone years ago. For I knew that they were tall, but I had no idea that they were THAT tall!

  18. What beautiful scenery! I'd love to see a moose in the wild.

  19. What a beautiful picnic place. You don't see mountains like that in Iowa. Surely they could have taken just one goat with them.


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