Saturday, April 10, 2010

My New Herd

You read that correctly. I have a new herd.
But don't worry! I am not leaving the Happy Goats Farm.
I would not do that. I love my studmuffin too much to leave.
And the publicist does take very good care of me.

But I am a professional goat.
A SpokesGoat. A blogging goat.
Sometimes I need a place to hang out with my blogging peers.
That is when I go to my other herd.
My herd at Tribal Blogs.

I am sure you noticed the cute little widget on my blog.
With the little stick figure on it? Just like this:

Tribal Blogs

That will take you to the Tribal Blogs Herd Community.

(Although I must admit I do fear that the little guy is going to hunt me. 
Hunt me and eat me. Goats fear spears and the like. 
But so far Jen, the brilliant creator of Tribal blogs has protected me.)

Tribal Blogs is a place for bloggers who actually care about their blogs.
Bloggers who write creative posts and update their blogs on a regular basis. 
It's a place to go and hang out and munch some hay together. 
To discuss ways to support each other and make our blogs better.

There is even a section for bucks where the does can't enter. 
Which is probably good 'cause if you get too many bucks in one place it can get pretty smelly. 
I have heard that the goat gas flies in that forum.

There are non-goat bloggers there too like JD from I Do Things and Daisy the Curly Cat and Cathy from The Junk Drawer and The Small Town Mommy and Emily's role model - Nanny Goats in Panties. Plus lots of other great blogs I'm getting to know.

(Actually it's mostly non-goat blogs I just try to make myself feel like I fit in with the humans and cats.)

I don't spend enough time in there right now because my kid is due any day. 
But I hope to be there more in the future after the kid grows a bit.
It will also be better when the publicist gets her yurt built.
(She's a little cranky right now - don't tell her I said that.)

I want to thank Jen from Redhead Ranting for starting Tribal Blogs.
And for protecting me from the spear throwing tribesman. 
I have fun when I am there.  
So why not head over and check out my new herd. 
If you blog come on! Join the herd Tribe!

Tomorrow:  Sunday Movies with The Happy Goats


  1. i am on my way there right now! i could use that guy with a spear right now. i have a raccoon i need to get out of my yard before teddy returns from the park.

  2. Welcome, Pricilla! All of us humans and cats will protect you from that spear-throwing guy. And we are thrilled to have such an important and professional goat in our midst.

  3. Welcome, Pricilla!

    I think I speak for all the cats and humans over at Tribal Blogs when I say how happy we are to welcome such a professional and important goat to our tribe.

    (And we will protect you from that spear-throwing guy!)

  4. I checked it out. Looks kind of fun!

  5. Whew! you had me worried with that new herd stuff! Glad you are not going anywhere!

  6. I agree, bucks do smell! LOL! How fun, Ive never been over there. Gonna head over now, thanks for the intro!

  7. I'm happy you're there. Although every time my human sees your face, she gets a bad case of goat envy! Makes me just a teensy bit jealous.

  8. We'll be checking out your new herd when tax season is over and our mommy has more time. We'll still be visiting you here with your old herd though!

  9. I'm so glad to see you over at Tribal Blogs. One good goat deserves another. Or something like that.

  10. Great blog. Goats certainly are fun. Here's a link to my herd of horse one of which a Little Jerry the Goat.

    The bottom video features Leroy & Jerry


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