Saturday, April 17, 2010

The Mulch Pile

The male person has two mulch piles.
That is right!
Two mulch piles!
That is a lot of mulch. But he does have a great big garden.

Sometimes I like to explore the mulch pile and see if there is anything interesting in there.

 This time there was not.
At least not interesting to a goat.

The chickens thought otherwise.
It looks like they are having a good time.
It looks like a chicken party!
What do you think?

Tomorrow:  Sunday Movies with the Happy Goats


  1. Those chickens were hoping you'd stir up some nice worms for them. hee hee

  2. Those chickens are adding their own special "ingredient" to the mulch pile...good ole chicken poop!

  3. Maybe they are doing the Bird Dance!

  4. I think you should make them find tasty stuff for you!!

  5. It's good you checked it out first to make sure it was safe for the girls. You're a good goat friend.

  6. Maybe, if you were a chicken, you would understand...perhaps you should get back to keeping the yard trim...I'm just saying...

  7. there must be all kinds of tasty little insects in that mulch pile! we had a bit of snow this morning!

  8. Leave it to chickens to make something out of nothing!
    It's good to be a goat isn't it :o)

  9. It does look like the chickens are having a party!! :)

  10. Ok.. I'm gross. When I first read the beginning of this I thought it read, The male person has too much piles. Piles are an old english word for hemorrhoids. (pronounced him-roids) and I was like WHAT!! Why is Pricilla doing a post about that! It was funny to me.....

  11. The comment above was posted by cici

  12. Are they looking for bugs?? Is Blue Guy still around or did I miss Sunday dinner??

  13. Can't keep our chickens out of the compost pile. They love it!

  14. Looks like a chicken party on the ol' mulch pile to us too! Those chickens are silly!

  15. You are just like the Sunset Pines goats. They make it their job to inspect the compost piles(to the point of breaking the enclosure and boxes), the mulch piles, and the pine straw piles.


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