Thursday, April 8, 2010

Mallory and Matthew Have a Fight

Mallory and Matthew have been having little battles.
I think Mallory is tired of nursing Matthew.
He is a big boy now.
He really does not need to be drinking milk any more.

The two of them really go at it.

You can see that even Abby is amazed.

But Mallory tends to give in to him.

We nannies are all the same when it comes to our kids.

Tomorrow:  It's AbbyDay


  1. I did that to my mom when I was little. My lady said I was supposed to be weaned - I kind of was but my mom used to let me nurse sometimes anyway. My lady said it was embarrasing! A great big baby like me and my little mom! hee hee

  2. Matthew: "Give... me... mah...milk... NOW!"

  3. My niece's goat, Dolly, just had 2 babies on Easter Sunday. They are just the cutest little things EVER! I can't wait until they get all big like Matthew!

  4. you goaties are a lot like teddy. if i am just a few seconds late with a treat or meal, i get head butted!

  5. I do that to my kids when they keep asking me for money. Sheesh.

  6. Bah! This little boy looks like he is big enough to quit that nursing business!!!

  7. Naughty boy! He must find his own way...and, lady!

  8. Matthew sure isn't so little anymore!

  9. oh yes, Liberty and Justice had this same disagreement not long ago...The bucks seem to try to nurse longer than the does it seems?

  10. Kids. They're all the same! Funny post.


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