Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter From the Happy Goats

All of us Happy Goats (even though we are still on strike) would like to wish you and your families a very


We hope you all have a very nice day and have lots of apples and grain to eat as a special treat. Or whatever it is that you humans like to munch.

The publicist was working on the weather and it was partly sunny

 and partly snowy yesterday

so we are still not talking to her. And because of this there is no Sunday Movies with The Happy Goats. It's also Easter and we deserve a day off from movie making.

But I do want to tell you about my friend, Da Bean. He is a very nice pygmy goat in Texas. He is having a giveaway. He seems to feel the same way about his sister as I feel about Abby and tried to talk his Boy into letting him give HER away but no deal could be worked out so he is instead giving away a stuffed replica of himself.
Da Bean is erm, a very confident goat.
This is the baby Bean. 

I do have to admit that it is, indeed, very adorable and I would love to have it to decorate my goathouse. This does not mean that I love my studmuffin any less. 
Da Bean has been, erm fixed you know.
So if you think you can steal this stuffed goat away from me head on over to A Day in the Life a Da Bean and ENTER. I read Da Bean whenever he posts because despite his size he has some very interesting things to maaaaaaa.

But remember, I am one tough old goat.

Tomorrow: Goatucation - All About Where We Live


  1. Happy Easter to all of you in goatland!

  2. Happy Easter to some of my favorite goaties!

    Yep, that Bean is something else!

  3. Happy Easter to everyone at the Happy Goat farm including Abby... and the cats! and the Publicist and the Publicists husband and the chickens.. I can't believe that I'm wishing Chickens a Happy Easter....

  4. happy easter to all of you! i hope you all havesome good treats and maybe a bit of sun!

  5. Happy Easter my goatie friends!

  6. Happy easter to all you goats and chickens and roosters and cats and publicists and male persons!

  7. Happy Easter to all of you at your Happy Farm! The baby Bean is very cute!

  8. He is TOTALLY cute! Almost as cute as Kevin.

  9. Snow AND sun? Your publicist should make up her mind already! :) Here's hoping strike negotiations end soon.

  10. I will gladly trade you our 89 degrees yesterday for some of your snow. I think I am already tired of summer and I have the sunburn to show for it.

  11. Happy Easter! I'll have to admit I'm kind of taken with the little stuffed goat.

    I hope you are snow free soon.

  12. hey Priscilla,

    Sorry to read you are on strike. You should come where I live - it is sunny and hot. I will gladly trade places as I love the snow!

    Enjoy your day off. Happy Easter to all!


  13. We had more snow again today too :( I am ready for Spring already!

  14. Good for you! Seems silly to strike while you're layin' in all that sun, doesn't it.


Maaaaaa away....


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