Monday, April 19, 2010

Goatucation: Putting the Cart Before the Goat

It's Monday so that means I must Goatucate you.
I am going to tell you about something shocking.
Something you will not believe.

Some people put harnesses on their goats and make them pull carts!
Are you not shocked?!
The male person wants to do this to ME!
To ME!
So I wanted to Goatucate you all to this practice so you could tell me if you are as horrified as I am. I do not think I should pull a cart to haul around the publicist.

I am a SpokesGoat, not a goat with spokes.
This is what one of these.....things look like

 (photo from my favorite goat store - Hoegger's Goat Supply)

I mean really. 
They are meant for wethers, not famous goats like me.
Maybe Matthew should pull the cart.
He should do SOMETHING around this Farm.

If you want to learn more about this SHOCKING idea there is actually an American Harness Goat Association! Those goats must be being slipped something in their grain.
THAT has to be it!

I don't care what the male person thinks - I will never pull a goat cart!

Tomorrow:  The publicist and male person meet one of my cousins.


  1. Maybe if you got a pretty pink cart with fancy decorations on it?

  2. Oh, no. This is all wrong. You were definitely NOT meant to pull a cart, much less a cart with a human on it.

    They should be pulling YOU around on a cart. With fancy decorations, as Daisy suggested.

  3. Just eat a huge can of beefaroni right before he hooks you up - he'll never do it again.

  4. Our male person has entertained the same idea, both for the goats and the big dogs.
    Male persons...something wrong with the way they think sometimes.

  5. My lady thought about hooking up Durin and Dayel, the LaMancha wethers. They could pull as a pair and then I could RIDE in the cart! Now THAT sounds like a good idea! I agree...does should NOT have to pull carts! Does unite against cart pulling!

  6. Oh, come on 'Cilly! If the paparazzi see you working out, you won't get called fat! (Which you aren't) Maybe pull in tandem with the Ab!

  7. I totally want a goat cart!!!! So cute. So expensive...but so cute.

  8. It might not be as bad as you think Pricilla. Hard working goats (such as those pulling carts) may be entitled to extra carrots, apples, who knows what!

  9. Maybe the male person should put a harness on himself and YOU can get in the cart...

  10. Ummmm..... I did not know a goat could pull a cart.

  11. Its must be a male thing, Man rancher has said a few times we should do something of this nature. Well I am with you, my little short legs were not meant for pulling carts!

    Okay maybe those big huge, giant Nubian girls that used to live here could have pulled a cart, ya now that I think of it I know they could...Did I mention they were huge, giant, ya mmmm and all that butting I took off them over food...mmm ya they SHOULD PULL CARTS! Oh sorry I lost myself there for a moment.. I am with you shouldn't pull a cart being a spokes goat and well again I am so petite with my short little legs I shouldnt either! Now those giant nubians mmmmmmm wonder if I could email their new owner? tee hee

  12. well, believe it or not, chow chows LOVE to pull. they actually warn you against letting them start pulling things or they will never stop. chows have the strongest of all canine necks and they love to flex their muscles so to speak. you really have to curtail the chows need to pull. a woman tied her chow to her front porch before leaving for work one morning and when she returned the chow was in her back yard with the rope still attached and the front porch in the back yard. maybe the male person needs a chow!

  13. Maybe if you jump around like Luke did in the video yesterday, the male person would give up the idea of being toted around on a cart behind you.

  14. Noooo! Oh, the indignity of it. You have to stand firm!

  15. Ya, no!! That has all kinds of wrong written all over it!
    I say you need to start a petition.
    "Stop the Insanity ~ Keep Pricilla Sans Le Cart"
    I'll be the first to sign
    1. SoccerMom
    I'm pulling for you, literally
    :o) now who's next???

  16. You should be all Tom Sawyer-y around Abby about this goat cart abomination. And then when she gets harnessed up jump in the cart and make sure the publicist takes a picture.

  17. That's almost as bad as my human's cockamamie idea of putting a harness on me! I agree with YourDailyCute - the male human should be in the harness and you should be the one having the ride.

  18. Post a picture when you've got your cart. It doesn't have to be a HEAVY cart -- it could be a light cart just to hold beautiful flowers or the publicist! You would feel so good about being able to repay her for letting you 'mow' her yard. Think about it. I'm just sayin...

  19. I totally want one...for my mom to pull US around on!


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