Friday, April 23, 2010

AbbyDay: The Many Sides Of ME!

It's AbbyDay so that means I get to take over the blog and talk all about ME.
My favorite topic.
I am a bit upset though because the publicist has taken a lot of photos of me that are perhaps not the most flattering.
She says I have to show them to you because they will make you laugh.
Just because I am pregnant I have to show all my lumps?

Well here I am from the front. You can see I am already questioning this.

And here I am from above.
I like this view because I don't look so lumpy.

This is the worse - here I am from behind.

Here is my "mad at the publicist" face.

She just laughs at me.
Pffft again!

I will get her though. She does not know that Luke escaped and I danced the Samba with him and I am due sooner than she thinks. Ha!

Tomorrow:  Matthew goes exploring


  1. You just need to set up cameras and get some shots of the publicist that aren't so flattering and then blackmail her. That back view though? Looks like you ate the publiscist

  2. Hi Abby, we don't blame you for being miffed at the publiscist. But you really do look pretty all pregnant. We can't wait to see the baby. Our Mom wants a goat baby so bad but it isn't going to happen. We are down to one goat, the poor thing.
    Have a great day.

  3. That last statement is enough to keep me laughing for the rest of the day.
    You are one devious girl, my favorite kind.

  4. So does this mean that there will be two baby goats (or should I word that as two sets of baby goats?) when we visit next month....

    I would force your publicist to remove the review photo too... that is just totally uncalled for... But I'm sure can think of a way to get even!

  5. you look so much like me when i was pregnant! especially the rear shot!

  6. I agree with Sheila, take some pictures of the publicist and post them on the next Abby Day.

    You and Luke.... you are a naughty goat Abby!

  7. We didn't realize you were pregnant too Abby! Not sure how we missed that but now we're excited to see your babies! We think you look gorjuss from all angles - well, maybe from the back isn't that flattering.

  8. Oh, Abby, at least you have an excuse why you are lumpy. I'm lumpy and that's just because I'm out of shape and getting older. At least you have fur to hide the bad spots!

  9. The publicist has to sleep sometime, Abby! I'm just sayin'...

  10. Abby, there's nothing funny about being pregnant. So ignore that publicist and hold your proud mama goat head high.

  11. Hey Abby don't feel bad I am taking some medicine that is making me fat also and I have those same type of pictures that my husband took so we could "look back and laugh on day" personally I think it is so he can just laugh period!
    Have a good weekend Abby

  12. Oh I was wondering WHEN those KIDS were going to show up!!!! Spit them out already. . .

  13. I must say my human has a bad habit of taking unflattering pictures of me and my barnyard roomies when we are very pregnant too. Let me know if you find a way to get revenge; I might have to try it.


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