Friday, April 30, 2010

AbbyDay: Dreaming of Sunnier Days - A Happy Goats Video Extra

It has been raining most of this week.
I don't like rain.
It is wet.
So I thought it would be nice to remember back when there was warm sun and we went grazing by the river.

Mmmmm, warm sun! 
I hope I see it again soon.

I hope you enjoyed the video extra.
If you have warm sun would you please send it my way?
I would appreciate it!


  1. What a beautiful view. It is sunny here today. It won't last long though. Suppose to get rain again this weekend. Things still have not dried out since our last storms. Just think of all the green grass that the rain is going to bring :)

  2. you can have my weather. 80 degrees and sunny...ugh! where is my spring? we are supposed to get rain this weekend so at least i can look forward to that. i hate warm weather!

  3. people who hate warm weather...UCK!
    You should be getting my sun in a couple of days. I sent it express mail

  4. Just got rid of our rain. Hopefully the sun comes back. If so, I'll share.

  5. Send the rain our way. We've had unusual lows of 60's & 70's instead of high 80's & 90's. Have a great weekend.

  6. We've had too much rain here too. You have a lovely view but that first step looks like a doozy!

  7. What a glorious view! And all the goat seem to care about is munch, munch, munch...


Maaaaaa away....


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