Thursday, March 25, 2010

What the Horses Saw

You will recall from yesterday that the horses across the street were very interested in the goings on around the Farm.

 What do you suppose had them looking so intently?
Just look at their pretty horse faces - I think they want to escape and come visit!

Maybe this explains it...

That's right!
The male person went on a hay run!

He worked very hard piling by our barn. Isn't he just the best? We love the male person.
And this is only half of our hay. He is going to get more this weekend. We are the luckiest goats!

Speaking of us - Abby was watching the male person too.

So were Mallory and Matthew.

But where am I?
I was practicing my goat yoga.

A doe has to stay limber, doesn't she?


Tomorrow is AbbyDay


  1. Those horses were wondering when a few flakes of hay would be tossed their way! weeee hee hee heeee!
    I didn't know Priscilla could do Yoga! Now I'm going to have to try that!

  2. horsies. maybe they were praying for a strong wind to blow some hay their way. i need to do some goat yoga!

  3. They are wondering if you all are going to be neighborly and invite them over for supper!

  4. What a smart doe you are Pricilla -- yoga!

  5. Oh, that sure looks yummy! Apparently everyone else thinks so, watching it get unloaded and such. :)

  6. New hay is GOOD hay! I can see what all the fuss is about.

  7. This is one of my favorite posts you have ever done. Love it!!!

  8. I just KNEW it had to be some kind of food...can't fool an old farm lady. Hunh-uh. Horses like food and...other horses. Grain-bribing was my forte in that other life. Thanks for sharing this and tickling some old memories.

  9. They were on high alert with the smell of that hay!

  10. Hay? did you say Hay? Oh my yes your male person is very nice it looks like! Yep look at all that hay!

    You go on the yoga girly, we goaties have to keep these girlish figures for our studmuffins :O)...

  11. Nice! I do yoga too! I like shoulderstands. By the way, I scrapped my boring old blog and now have anew, creative writing type thing. MUCH more interesting, though if I try to use my google account to comment.... well. It's goofy. AND NOT PRIVATE! Woo-hoo! Click my name to see the site...

  12. Cr- oh... family blog- Crud. It didn't work. Try this.

  13. She's just working up an appetite....

  14. Those horses must think you like on the bestest farm ever!

  15. I had no idea that goats did yoga too! I just thought it was us cats and the occasional downward facing dog. (I have no idea what the humans think they are doing, but it does not look very yoga like to me.) As for the hay... well, I'm glad you goats and the horses like it. I'll take my cans of cat food and the occasional fresh chicken treat.

  16. OK .. I was sort of right... I said they were watching the spokesperson... they were watching a person... or were they actually drooling over thoughts of getting hay on their side of the road?


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