Sunday, March 21, 2010

Sunday Movies with The Happy Goats

It's that time again!
Time to settle in with a nice bowl of something crunchy and enjoy


We goats love a good snack.
I was playing a bit of hide and seek.
Heh heh.
But you could see my tail wagging so I was a Happy Goat!

Tomorrow:  Goatucation - How to make goat's milk ice cream.


  1. Yes you all look like happy goats! That was for sure a paparazzi shot with a zoom lens! You just have to expect that kin of stuff being famous and all!

  2. Pricilla was being shy today. Whenever I play the videos and you call for Cilly saying pretty girl, my one lab comes running to the computer. Her name is Sylvie LOL

  3. All of you look very happy and always have such yummy snacks! We did see your tail wagging Cilly so we know you are especially happy to live on such a wonderful farm!

  4. old age must be catching up with me. i swear i shipped that book on march 4th. maybe it just got lost in the mail. it's such a shame. it is a cookbook called "cooking by hand". i read about it and ordered it and as i was reading it i just kept thinking about how much you would enjoy it so i decided to send it to you. it had a whole section on making cheese too. i didn't even want to ask you about it because i thought if it was lost you would be disappointed. but then i thought that maybe i forgot to include a note and maybe you got it but didn't know who it was from. sheese....these are the things that make my head spin. well, maybe it will still show up. meanwhile, i am sending you something else that i think you will enjoy. priscilla might be bashful but blue guy sure isn't!

  5. I see you!

    Looks like you all are having a great Sunday.

  6. Your videos just keep getting better and better!

  7. I like the nickname "Cilly"! It looks like such a pretty day there.

  8. I was just wondering where Blue Guy was when I heard him near the end of the video. Darn him! He's in all the videos. Sheesh.

  9. hey Priscilla,

    What a fun time you must have with all your goat and rooster friends! You sure live in a pretty area - I would love to run around those mountains!


  10. Heyyyy! You took a picture of my butt!

    Love those goats!

  11. I think that rooster was trying to steal the show.


Maaaaaa away....


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