Tuesday, March 16, 2010

A Special Visit!

Sunday was a very special day here on the Happy Goats Farm.
We had some visitors.
That is right!
Julia and her family from Our Simple Life stopped by to see us.
It was very exciting to have company.
Wyatt and Ella went to talk to Mallory.

She was very friendly to them.

Then Wyatt and his Dad had a chat with Abby.

Ella went looking for me but I am embarrassed to admit that I was a bit shy.
What can I say. I am an old, pregnant goat.
We did get lots of extra apples so that made me a very happy, old, pregnant goat.
The publicist and the male person had a nice visit and showed everyone the yurt and they all ate a nice chicken dinner. 
No, it wasn't Blue Guy.
Then there was yummy goat's milk ice cream with goat's milk caramel sauce on angel food cake. If I were human I would be hungry right now.

We were all very thrilled to meet some of our blog friends!
Abby will have more to this story on AbbyDay. You know how she is.....

Tomorrow:  Wordless Wednesday


  1. Oh, gees, I'm not sure what part of that made me more jealous--meeting the goats and the publicist, or that yummy food! It sounds like a lovely day. :)

  2. I feel a little bit envious, too!

  3. Well,how cool was that!?!?Meeting blog friends,I follow both of you.That is just fun!

  4. I am VERY human and now I am VERY hungry at the thought of a delicious home-cooked meal complete with goat milk ice cream and caramel sauce!

    When do I get to visit???

  5. Sounds like a great day on the farm!

  6. What fun! Bloggers meeting bloggers. And ice cream with caramel sauce, mmmm.

  7. I think we should all visit at the same time!

  8. oh what fun. i am glad you didn't serve blue guy for dinner!

  9. That is terrific that you got to meet some blogging friends. And you fine goats did your job by being nice goats. Good job. My name is Peepers and when I see strangers, I run like a wild deer.

  10. What? No fair! I am jealous of both of you. You for getting to meet Julia in person and Julia for getting to meet you in person.


  11. We're very jealous but glad you had a nice visit with your friends!

  12. O, WOw! I haven't been to either yours or Julia's blog enough lately. How cool that you crossed over from blog to real life!

  13. oh visitors are so fun! They like to feed us!! and a bloggy visitor is really fun!

  14. You must now make some kind of souvenir from goat hair for visiting bloggers! (Or, figure out something to do with the pellets!) Thanks for sharing the photos. Will pop over and see what she had to say. Happy Saint Paddy's day!

  15. Will you be very mad at me if I say I really REALLY have tried to like goat cheese and just don't like it... so the thought of goat's milk icecream... ummm... no so much? But I love me some goat's milk soap EVER SO MUCH! And scritching goats behind their ears...? That is the BEST.

  16. Oh I bet the kids had a blast! And I bet I would really enjoy some goats milk caramel sauce right now!

  17. I hope you get the DREAM job.

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    I need to ask you, to please go over and RE-SIGN up to follow me over there. Google won't let you take your Followers with you so you are no longer getting my info in your reader, unless you have gone over and signed up. Sorry if you have already done so, I am trying to go back and forth between both blogs as well as my new e-mail and my old e-mail. As soon as I have gone through all my followers from the old blog I will close it down.
    I have lots of fun things going on over at the new blog, so I hope you will hop on over and check it all out.

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  18. I wish I could bring the Small Town ladies to meet you and your friends. They would love it. Abby and my younger daughter would get along great and my older daughter would love Pricilla!


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