Thursday, March 11, 2010

Ooooh, We Have Nice Neighbors!

I have written before of the horses across the street; of how they sometimes like to come over and say "neeeeiiiiiiggggghhhhh!" But I have never told you about the horses' publicist!

To tell you the truth I hadn't really met him.
He was out the other day trimming his trees and our publicist ran out and asked him if he wouldn't mind sharing the branches.
Because you know how much we goats love to munch on spruce and pine. Mmmm!

And look what he brought to us!

Aren't we the luckiest goats ever?!
Of course Mallory and Matthew were right in there munching away.

I think they found a nice tasty bit of bark to nibble. Oooh, how yummy!

The publicist is so good to me. It was a cold morning so she brought a branch to me in my little goathouse.  She really spoils me.

It was a tasty blue spruce. A very special treat!

Of course Matthew had to come and try and snitch MY special branch! Harumph!
I think he might be giving that chicken the eye. What do you think?

Then the horses' publicist had a great big bonfire with the rest of the branches.

I'll bet it was nice and warm over by that fire.

Tomorrow: It's AbbyDay!


  1. That just blows my mind that goats eat that stuff! Ick. Do you get sticky lips from the sap??

  2. Mmmmm...such a yummy goatie treat!.You are top goatie and you deserve extra special goatie treatment!

  3. Nom nom nom...nothing like pine tree for a snack! Our llamas like to eat them, too.

  4. I guess it is true... goats will eat anything.

  5. Yum yum... I guess if your a goat... at least pine bows smell nice!

    We have spring here... I'm waiting for the snow to come back this is much too good to last! Wish I could give you all the grass I'm pulling out of my flower beds!

  6. pine branches are the best! We don't have blue spruce here, but we have lots of long-leaf pine. We know the best way to climb on top of our house or play logs to reach the branches and nibble. That is, for when the humans forget to bring the stuff to us.

    The Goats of Sunset Pines

  7. The chicken deserves "the eye". Just sayin'

  8. Oh my what nice neighbors you have!! They sure give good goatie treats!! and your publicist does spoil you :O)... but hey when your their favorite... well we goaties can't help that can we tee hee

  9. what a nice treat for you all. I prefer chocolates:)

  10. I bet it smelled good over by the fire too.

  11. i could feed all for a year with all my downed branches!!!

  12. That's a super duper treat!!!! The goats must have been good goaties!

  13. You have a really nice neighbor to bring you a pot luck of spruce!

  14. Matthew is definitely giving that chicken the stink-eye. Watch out, chicken!

    And your publicist really loves you all -- how nice of her to run out there and make sure those branches go to good use!

  15. I think thats so cool. I want a goat. We need a goat for our backyard with all the dry grass out there it's a pain to keep it under control.

  16. Lin - green eggs and ham Lin, green eggs and ham.

    Melodie - we are very spoiled goaties indeed.

    Split Rock Ranch - see we are not the only smart animals around.

    Together we save - thank you for visiting my blog. We do have some standards....

    Da Bean - you are just jealous

    Aunt Lynne - they are mighty tasty to be sure. We would love them.

    polly's path - I doubt your humans forget very often...

    Aunt Vicki - they are nasty birds.

    Texan - They are indeed very nice. We were thrilled.

    Donna C - I will stick to my pine and spruce

    Jen - it sure did!

    jaz - that would be wonderful!

    blueviolet - we are always good goaties. Well, except for Abby.

    BeadedTail - it was a super duper treat.

    Cute - I have seen the chickens attack Matthew so I don't blame him.

    Lisa Anne - thank you for visiting my blog. Goats would love to weed your yard for you!


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