Thursday, March 18, 2010

My Poor Studmuffin

As you know we have been having some very nice weather around the Farm.
That means that we does have been going out now and again for short grazes.
There is not much to munch but it is nice to go exploring.
But my poor studmuffin gets left behind!
He does not take this very well.
He jumps down from his goathouse...

....and he jumps back up again.

He does this over and over again MAAAAAAING all the time.
I think he misses us.
Or do you think he just wants to come out and play?
I know the publicist would let him out for a graze but he just comes over to flirt.
Silly Luke!

Tomorrow: It's AbbyDay!


  1. Oh yeah, I am very sure he wants to come out to play!

    I think your weather was probably better than our weather yesterday. We were cold and drizzly rainy. High about 50 but felt like 35 to me.

    Warmer weather on it's way here though and I hope you continue to have your short graze weather there.(soon to be long graze weather, maybe?).

    Have a great day.

  2. Poor Luke, he looks like he needs some company!

  3. Our Mr.Tumnus is the same way! We have been putting Butter Bean over with him and they have become good buddies!They stand on the goat house and girl watch together!(Butter Bean has no idea he is a weather!)

  4. aw.. poor luke. sorry he is to flirty to get to graze with the girls. i dont blame him though, you are some beautiful girl goats!

  5. it must not be easy being the guy behind a fence surrounded by all these beautiful girls. I am sure you will be reunited soon!

  6. Of course he wants to play. And who wouldn't want to play with a lovely gal like you?

  7. He definitely wants to come to play. He needs to understand that there can be no unsanctioned fraternization. I bet he could come out to graze if he would behave.

  8. poor luke. he sure looks unhappy. did the publicist possibly receive a book i sent to her?

  9. It's sucks to be a stud...sometimes. :D

  10. oh yes believe me he wants to play alright... Harrison likes to play every chance he gets!! Yep those studmuffins as you call em...yep they like to play alright :O)...tee hee...

  11. I think he wants to play. I know the warm weather affects me the same way...LOL!

  12. I like Luke's look. He looks like a wild and crazy kind of goat. Maybe he can come to our house for the weekend.

  13. Poor Luke! We're sure he wants to come out and play with all of you!

  14. Oh, he definitely wants to play! It's spring and sap is rising, everywhere!


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