Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Is it Spring?

I am a very confused goat.
Usually this time of year it is very cold and grey around here.
But the last week or so it has been very sunny and quite warm.
So I am wondering if it is Spring and I have lost track of time.

Even the publicist is acting like it is Spring.
She came out today and opened our gates so we could go for a graze.
A graze!

There is not much to graze on but it was nice to wander around outside of the doe pen.
My little studmuffin was watching over me as I stood in the driveway. 
I think he wanted to be out too.

I decided to rub my head on a great big weed.

Then Mallory and Matthew thought they should check it out.

Abby went over to flirt with Luke.

I'm going to have to talk to him about that!

All in all it made for such a delightful day. I hope this warm weather continues. I like stretching my goat legs and exploring the Farm.

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  1. I am glad you goaties are having good weather! Old Man Winter is spending his time down South with us and some sneaky person gave him some Geritol or some other super-vitamin!Go away Old Man!

  2. Hooray for a Spring-like day and the chance to stretch your goat legs!

  3. I do believe your winter weather has made it all the way down to Georgia! Chance of snow flurries here today.
    I am happy you are having some nice weather, though.
    Thanks for the visits and comments. I appreciate them so much.
    Have a great day.

  4. I hope your warm weather is there to stay!!! We have gone from 76 last weekend to mid-30s this week and I am ready for this odd winter to end!

  5. funny!!!

    we love the warm weather too

  6. I would love to get out of this barn for the day! Whew been penned up with these two kids of mine and Harssy is in here too with her kid... but we can't take our kids out to forage for the day yet, Stupid chicken hawks and Owls... soon our kids will have put on enough size they will be safe... ya lady rancher said I could go out without them for a little while but well I didn't want to leave them behind... I am such a good Nanny!! Okay yes Lady rancher has let us out for short spurts while she baby sits us all...

    So enjoy those outings!!

  7. just like teddy, i am sure you will all be happy when spring arrives. i still have a sneaky feeling we are going to have a march storm. the year i moved back from canada we made snow bunnies on easter!

  8. It's spring in Edmonton too... Which is really nice since I didn't bring winter clothes! I also missed a really nasty East Coast storm... awe Shucks!

  9. I wish it spring. We are having warmer weather 38 today and 40 for the rest of the week, so we will lose a fair amount of snow but then we have mud season. I just want summer.

  10. oooh oooh! congrats on your rich goat milk soap making it to the front page of etsy!

  11. It's good you all can get out and stretch your goat legs! Better watch out for Abby flirting with your studmuffin!

  12. I was just telling my boyfriend the other day how lovely life would be with a few goats around. I'm even more convinced now!

  13. I know how you feel--it's going to be in the 40's here later in the week! Sheesh, I'm gonna grab my shorts!!

  14. Yeah for Spring weather! It has been warm off and on here, too. That Abby is such a hussy...just sayin'

  15. hey Pricilla,

    It sure looks like you live in a very pretty area! So happy you are having sun and warmth! I myself prefer the snow but I must confess it has been so nice to have sunshine on my fur lately!

    Happy grazing!


  16. You are lucky to be having such nice weather. The weather is still snowy and cold here in the Small Town. In fact, it is snowing, even as I comment.

  17. So Springtime brings out the flirtiness in a goat!


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