Saturday, March 6, 2010

Is it a Pumpkin Time of Year?

It is if you are talking about Pumpkin the Farm cat!
I have not shown you much of Pumpkin; mostly because he spends most of the winter inside with the publicist and male person. Even though he has lots of fur he is old and he likes to keep warm.

But the weather has been nice so Pumpkin has been venturing outside a bit more.

He likes to roll around in the dirt.

I think he might be playing peak-a-boo!

The male person says that Pumpkin is fat....

...but the publicist says he is fluffy. 
What do you think?

I think that perhaps Pumpkin has gotten tired of all this attention!

I hope you enjoyed seeing another of the Farm animals today.

Tomorrow:  Sunday Movies with The Happy Goats


  1. awwww....pumpkin is a sweetie. how old is he? i have a 20 year old cat! just put pumpkin next to a few of those goaties and he will look very slim!

  2. Pumpkin is definitely floofy. And his floofs are getting dirty from all that rolling around, but at least he's having fun outside. :)

    Does the publicist try to clean off his floofs before he comes back in?

  3. I have a fluffy cat too! Definitely not fat.

  4. Definitely fluffy. And gorgeous! HI PUMPKIN! I love him.

  5. Fluffy. But it is okay for old guys to get fat -- isn't it?

  6. I thought you were talking about real pumpkin at first since we just realized there is a shortage on the canned stuff. Couldn't get any in town so we looked yesterday at Krogers, and they actually had a note on the shelf about a nationwide pumpkin shortage. You're lucky to have some on hand! I say fluffy--it's so much nicer sounding.

  7. Pumpkin is very handsome. He looks like he might be a Rag doll breed of a cat. My Harley is one and my husband claims he's fat as well. Not.

    Feel Pumpkin around the tummy...if he's solid feeling, he's not fat-he's just a big boy.

    Have fun in the dirt Pumpkin.


  8. I bet Pumpkin is both fluffy and a bit chubby.

  9. Fluffy. Nothing like a good roll in the dirt after a long winter! How does Pumpkin get along with Sherpa???

  10. Pumpkin is very fluffy and very handsome! We like his eyes and his purrty furs!

  11. Fat or Fluffy, Pumpkin is really pretty.. ahem I mean handsome

  12. Fluffy, though it is hard to tell without picking Pumpkin up. I can't wait until my cat can go outside again. She is driving the dog crazy.

  13. jaz - the publicist doesn't know how old pumpkin is. He just showed up one day at the trailer. He was starving and much less fluffy then.

    Cute - Pumpkin gets lots of brushings due to his long furs.

    Debbie - It's good you understand. The male person just doesn't

    JD - Pumpkin is a good kitty. He doesn't bother us goats at all.

    Secondary Roads - I don't have a problem with fluffy old guys. Neither does the publicist.

    Jenny - ha ha! The publicist did not know about a pumpkin shortage. As you can see there is no shortage of Pumpkin the Farm cat.

    missbreezysbox - Pumpkin is a stray the publicist took in so she doesn't know much about him. The male person says she is a "cat magnet"

    Aunt Vicki - heh heh. He does eat well!

    Lin - Sherpa would try and engage with Pumpkin but he is old and didn't want to play so he just gave Sherpa a big swipe across the nose and that was that.

    BeadedTail - He is a pretty boy for sure. He is also very affectionate to the publicist

    Texan - he sure is! He is good because he doesn't bother us goats at all.

    Jen - the male person makes comments about hernias when he picks up Pumpkin but I think he is joking.

  14. Pumpkin is definitely more fluff than fat. And I like his attitude, getting all that fluff as dirty as he pleases!


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