Sunday, March 7, 2010

The Happy Goats Car Wash

It's Sunday so you know that that means! It's time for


Today I have a movie that shows the opening of the Happy Goats Car Wash!
You didn't know that goats washed cars?

I also think it might be the closing of the Happy Goats Car Wash.
Mallory really didn't do a good job and the publicist had to stop Matthew from jumping on the male person's truck.

Oh well. We will have to think of something else to do.
Any ideas?

Tomorrow:  Goatucation


  1. hahaha....teddy licks the sofa. i don't get it! at least the truck has salt on it.

  2. Oh I can see where this would go,first washing,then hoof dents and goat berries on the hood...maybe some windshield wiper removal..goodness what could happen if the window was rolled down!

  3. Good job Mallory but don't know if we would want you to wash our car. You might try to get up on top of it. But we love goats here. Have a great Sunday.

  4. Is this just another way to eat some dirts?!?

  5. I think Melodie has this one all figured out! One of my friend's horses ate the hood of their truck once - she said they learned never to tie the horses up near the vehicle after that!

  6. I think they would love to wash my car. It's covered with dirt. Hehe

  7. I could send Joe's car to you--it is covered with salt and I'm joking that he's driving a salt lick! How long would it take for them to do the whole car this way??

  8. Silly silly goats! I think that Mallory must be missing something from here diet?

  9. Mallory, that was very nice of you for trying to wash the male person's truck! We didn't hear the Blue Guy this time either!

  10. At that rate, a car wash could take all day anyhow!

  11. Isobelle - Mallory is a silly goat!

    jaz - the publicist stopped her before she went too far...silly doe!

    Melodie - so far we have been good goats and have not jumped on the male person's truck. Well, not his small truck...

    Marg - thank you for visiting again. Everyone should love goats. heh heh

    Daisy - dirts with some salt

    Split Rock - we animals can be unpredictable to be sure.

    Aunt Vicki - but I think it would be a long walk to come visit you.

    Marla - I will tell Mallory she has a fan!

    Lin - I think maybe two hours. heh heh

    SL - she is being silly. We get lots of good hay and minerals and apples and grain.

    BeadedTail - it was only luck as he is still alive. The publicist is not happy about that.

    blueviolet - well, if Matthew helped!

  12. I am sorry it closed so quickly. I was all set to schedule an appointment to get my car washed. I am ok with someone jumping on my car, as long as it is clean.

  13. I've seen cows lick and tear pieces of plastic of vehicles... I thin the goats must have been studying the bovine traditions. :)

  14. Goat rides to the kids NO pun intended!!

  15. Pretty funny! I had visions of a different kind of washing.

  16. Well, better a silly goat than a silly goose, I suppose.


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